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Sat Nov 11 18:06:13 EST 2000

> Can anyone tell me what the can1-100 mutation in S. cerevisiae strain
> W303. I am working on a project at the moment and want to know how this
> is likly to affect the growth of the cells in a minimal medium.

I can't tell you the precise mutation, but the CAN1 gene is an arginine
permease, and canavanine is a toxic arginine analogue.  Cells that
successfully import canavanine will die.  Mutation of the permease
rescues the toxic phenotype, but is recessive.  This is usually a silent mutation
for strains with the usual leu, ura or ade markers so you don't know it's there..

however, can1 mutation can pose a
problem in a strain with an arg mutation in the background, that therefore
relies  on exogenous arginine for viability (obviously a can1 mutant
can't import arginine either).  The permease also is a minor importer of
histidine so his minus cells lacking can1 have a slow growth phenotype
if grown on exogenous histidine.
I believe there is at least one other overlapping amino acid that is a minor
substrate of CAN1.

CAN1 is chiefly used as a counterselectable marker  to monitor
plasmid or chromosome loss, since the mutant is recessive and resistant.

Works in pombe too.

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