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[pombelist] Fubctional Catalogue

Valerie Wood val at sanger.ac.uk
Sun Jan 9 15:41:06 EST 2000

The Functional Catalogue has been updated at


Thanks to the following people for their suggestions and contributions.

Ian Paulson - Transporters
George Shpakovski -Ribosomal Protein Inventory & Translation (Init Elong
Norbert F. Kaeufer -Ribosomal Protein Inventory
Judy Potashkin - RNA Processing
John Armstrong - Membrane Traffic
Charlie Hoffman -Signal Transduction Activities

We would welcome other experts to advise us on the contents of the
functional catagories pertaining to their area of expertise.
This involves only checking that your protein(s) of interest are in the
appropriate functional catagory(s), and reporting any errors or
ommissions to the
curator via the link at the bottom of the web page.

Additional User Notes
This Catalogue now uses a more accurate dataset, which includes
putative protein sequences from cosmids which have not yet been
submitted to the public databases, (identified by NOACC, as the
accession number).

To retrieve these sequences you will need to access the finished cosmid
from the Pombe Home Page. The entries in tremblnew, (those with the long
8 digit accession number) are also inaccessible through their database
We can supply the coordinates of any of these protein sequences on

Missing entries may be located in the 'Not Sorted' list in the
'Unknowns' subsection.
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