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Fwd: Rate of fermentation(variable: sugars)

karin the redhotchilean latinolovepuppet at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 26 09:19:55 EST 1999

I am an A Level biologist carrying out an experiment on the rate of
>carbon dioxide produced by yeast depending on the sugar mixed with the 
>yeast I have carried out this experiment at 30degrees celcious with 
>saccharomyces cerevisiae, using the following carbohydrates at 10% 
>concentration in solution;sucrose, glucose,maltose,fructose 
>galactose,lactose,starch. A solution of 10% yeast was made up and mixed 
>with the sugar in a conical flask,a tube from the bung was connected to a 
>downwards displacement of water apparatus so the carbon dioxide volume 
>could be measured.My hypothesis was that monosaccharides will produce more 
>carbon dioxide in half an hour than disaccharides and polysaccharides 
>because there are less bonds to break therefore less energy required. I 
>would like to know which dehydrogenases yeast have to break down sugars and 
>which sugars yeast can and can't break down and the rate at which they do 
>this, please i need more info into the mechanism of fermentation by the 
>yeasts dehydrogenases because my results are not following my hypothesis 
>please I really need help ASAP!!! please write if you have the answers to 
>redhotchilepepper at hotmail.com thank so very much
>Karin brakewell

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