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Multinucleated phenotypes.. causes?

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Tue Jun 8 09:12:04 EST 1999

>I have a cell line with a peculiar multinucleated/micronucleated
>phenotype.  Does anyone know of some of the mutant proteins or disrupted
>pathways that may be involved in producing such a phenotype?  So far,
>most of the literature I have found points to disruption of microtubules
>and proteins involved in regulating the contractile ring function during
>cytokinesis. If you have read or know of any other causes please post
>here or to my e-mail.

I am interested in hearing the answer too. I noticed many of my HeLa cells
overexpressing a novel nuclear protein showed
multinucleation/micronucleation. This is much more obvious after
immunofluorescence (IF) staining (using a tag antibody recognizing
transgene product) because most of my IF positive cells showed
multiple/micro nucleus (while most of weakly stained cells -meaning lower
expressing level, showed nice, round and single nucleus). They look like
apoptotic cells (?). I tried to compare with control cells (the same stable
cell line, but the transgene is turned off with DOX), I also notice some
background (some multiple/micro-nucleations). It was difficult to
quantitatively analyse these two populations because the scoring was so
much subjective. However, I found a couple of papers about an auto-antigen
named NuMa showing Multiple/Micro-nucleations when NuMa was absent in the
cells. The authors suggest that NuMa is required for post-mitosis nuclear

Zhonlgin Chai

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