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New Saccharomyces Sequences 03/12/98

SGD Sequences yeast-seq at genome.stanford.edu
Thu Mar 12 07:48:29 EST 1998

====================== New DNA Sequences =======================

AB011818    AB011818     1086bp    DNA      PLN      11-MAR-1998
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae gene for PGase SM, complete cds.
    PGase SM; PSM 1.

=========== Updated Sequence Features/Annotations  =============

SCU12980    U12980 U00091   103682bp    DNA      PLN      05-MAR-1998
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome I left arm sequence.
    two alcohol/sorbitolS.cerevisiae Ycr28p homolog; FLO9; GDH3; SEO1; Seo1p:
     putative membrane protein; YAL066W; Yal066wp; YAL065C; Yal065cp;
     YAL064W-B; Yal064w-bp; Flo9p: Putative cell wall protein involved in
     flocculation; YAL063C; Yal063cp; Gdh3p: NADP-glutamate dehydrogenase
     homolog; YAL061W; Yal061wp; YAL060W; Yal060wp; ECM1; Ecm1p; CNE1; Cne1p:
     calnexin homolog; YAL058C-A; Yal058c-ap; YAL056W; Yal056wp; YAL055W;
     Yal055wp; ACS1; Acs1p: acetyl CoA synthetase; YAL053W; Yal053wp; YAF1;
     Yaf1p: CYP1-like transcription factor with zinc finger motif; YAL049C;
     Yal049cp; YAL048C; Yal048cp; SPI6; Spi6p; YAL046C; Yal046cp; YAL045C;
     Yal045cp; GCV3; Gcv3p: H-protein subunit of the glycine cleavage system;
     PTA1; Pta1p: Pre-tRNA processing involved protein; YAL043C-A;
     Yal043c-ap; YAL042W; Yal042wp; CDC24; Cdc24p: putative calcium binding
     protein; CLN3; Cln3p: G(sub)1 cyclin; CYC3; Cyc3p: cytochrome C heme
     lyase; CDC19; Cdc19p: pyruvate kinase; YAL037W; Yal037wp; FUN11; Fun11p;
     FUN12; Fun12p: 97kDa protein, function unknown; YAL035C-A; Yal035c-ap;
     YAL034W-A; Yal034w-ap; FUN19; Fun19p; FUN53; Fun53p; FUN20; Fun20p;
     FUN21; Fun21p; SNC1; Snc1p: Vesicle-associated membrane
     protein,synaptobrevin homolog; MYO4; Myo4p: myosin-like protein;
     YAL028W; Yal028wp; YAL027W; Yal027wp; DRS2; Drs2p: Membrane spanning
     Ca-ATPase(P-type), member of the cation transport(E1-E2) ATPase; MAK16;
     Mak16p: putative nuclear protein; LTE1; Lte1p: GDP/GTP exchange factor
     required for growth at low temperatures.

YSCCHR1RAA  L28920 U00091    54811bp    DNA      PLN      05-MAR-1998
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome I right arm sequence.
    Yar030p; Yar040p; acid phosphatase; carnitine N-acetyltransferase;
     homologue; membrane spanning; transfer RNA-Leu; transfer RNA-Ser;
     YAL020C; Yal020cp; YAR023C; Yar023cp; SUP56; tRNA-Leu; tS(AGA)A;
     tRNA-Ser; YAR027W; Yar027wp; YAL028W; Yar028wp; YAR029W; Yar029wp;
     YAR030C; Yar030cp; YAR031W; Yar031wp; YAR033W; Yar033wp; YAT1; Yat1p;
     YAR042W; Yar042wp; OSH1; Osh1p; YAR047C; Yar047cp; FLO1; Flo1p; YAR053W;
     Yar053wp; YAR060C; Yar060cp; YAR061W; Yar061wp; YAR062W; Yar062wp;
     YAR064W; Yar064wp; YAR066W; Yar066wp; YAR068W; Yar068wp; YAR069C;
     Yar069cp; YAR070C; Yar070cp; PHO11; Pho11p; YAR073W; Yar073wp; YAR075W;

YSCCHROMI   L22015 U00091    41988bp    DNA      PLN      05-MAR-1998
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome I centromere and right arm sequence.
    DNA replication protein; RNA polymerase III; EFB1 gene; U18 snRNA; TFC3
     gene; GP25L homolog; TGA1 gene; adenine synthesis protein; cell cycle
     regulation protein; centromere; elongation factor; heat shock protein;
     protein kinase; sporulation protein; transfer RNA; ty1 transposon;
     MDM10; Mdm10p: Mitochondrial outer membrane protein; SPO7; Spo7p; FUN14;
     Fun14p; YAL007C; Yal007cp; tP(UGG)A; tRNA-Pro; SSA1; Ssa1p: Heat shock
     protein of HSP70 family; YAL004W; Yal004wp; EFB1; Efb1p: elongation
     factor; VPS8; Vps8p; TFC3; Tfc3p: Transcription factor tau (TFIIIC)
     subunit 138; YAR002W; Yar002wp; YAR002C-A; Yar002c-ap; YAR003W;
     Yar003wp; RFA1; Rfa1p: Subunit of replication factor RF-A; SEN34;
     Sen34p: tRNA splicing endonucleaese 34kDa subunit; YAR009C; Yar009cp;
     YAR010C; Yar010cp; tA(UGC)A; tRNA-Ala; YAR014C; Yar014cp; ADE1; Ade1p:
     phosphoribosyl amino imidazolesuccinocarbozamide synthetase; KIN3;
     CDC15; Cdc15p: Putative kinase.

YSCLTESPO   L05146 L04459 L05027 M36073 M98389 S93805 U00091    29410bp    DNA      PLN      05-MAR-1998
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome I left arm sequence.
    CCR4; CYS3; NTG1; DEP1; TPD3; carbon catabolite repressor; cystathionine
     gamma-lyase; protein phosphatase 2A regulatory subunit A;
     serine/threonine kinase; PMT2; Pmt2p: protein O-D-mannosyltransferase;
     FUN26; Fun26p; Ccr4p: Carbon catabolite repressor protein; ATS1; Ats1p;
     FUN30; Fun30p; YAL018C; Yal018cp; FUN31; Fun31p: Putative
     serine/threonine kinase; Tpd3p: protein phosphatase 2A regulatory
     subunit A; Ntg1p: endonuclease III-like glycosylase 1; YAL014C;
     Yal014cp; Dep1p: Regulator of phospholipid metabolism; Cys3p:
     cystathionine gamma-lyase; YAL011W; Yal011wp; MDM10; Mdm10p:
     Mitochondria outer membrane protein.

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