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S L Forsburg forsburg at nospamsalk.edu
Fri Jun 20 09:39:39 EST 1997

I didn't see Mike's post earlier (I should just ignore the newsserver
and stick to the bionet web pages):

From: cherry at genome.stanford.edu (Mike Cherry)
> If there is interest in moderation I would like to offer the
> services of the SGD group to act as the moderators. Our staff is
> large enough that we will be able to provide several people that can
> watch the in box and get yeast messages on their way quickly. 

I thought about this and decided that I would modify my previous 
opinion.  Iwould be in favor of moderation, IF we decided that
 the only stuff to be moderated out were the make-money-fast 
and cybersmut. By using the SGD folks, the work would be spread 
around and Francis could focus on his real job ;-).  

 I would not like to go all formal with 
a FAQ and rejecting the notes from people who brew beer or 
have Candida infections or high school students doing projects.
The traffic from those is  not high, and we can answer them or
not at our leisure.  People who sign their name and are
participating in the usenet IMHO should not be censored, even
if they are posting off topic.  Similarly, I would not
block out the legitimate  posts from people with commercial
interests in selling us lab equipment, as long as they
conform to the usual bionet standards and are honest about
their affiliation.  

I can't believe the spammers get enough return to make this
worthwhile, but I suppose that they must or it wouldn't be out 

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