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New Saccharomyces Sequences 01/30/97

SGD Sequences yeast-seq at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Thu Jan 30 07:13:08 EST 1997

=========== Updated Sequences =============

SCU10427    U10427     2016bp    DNA      PLN      22-JAN-1997
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae KZ1-1C Syr2p (SYR2) gene, complete cds.
    SYR2; Syr2p.

=========== Updated Features/Annotations  =============

SCACR1      X84736     2205bp    DNA      PLN      24-JAN-1997
    S.cerevisiae RTA1 gene.
    RTA1 gene; RTA1.

SCADE12GN   Z48671     1699bp    DNA      PLN      28-JAN-1997
    S.cerevisiae of ade12 gene for adenylosuccinate synthetase.
    ade12 gene; adenylosuccinate synthetase; ade12.

SCCIT3SYN   X88846     2790bp    DNA      PLN      28-JAN-1997
    S.cerevisiae citrate synthase gene.
    cit3 gene; citrate synthase; cit3; citrate (si)-synthase.

SCDNAMIP1   X84652     4469bp    DNA      PLN      27-JAN-1997
    S.cerevisiae DNA for MAP-homologous protein.
    microtubule-interacting protein; MAP protein homologous; MHP gene; MHP1;
     MAP homolgous protein.

SCFAM1      X82364     3116bp    DNA      PLN      28-JAN-1997
    S.cerevisiae FAM1 gene.
    FAM1 gene; fatty acid coA ligase; FAM1; Long-chain fatty acid CoA ligase.

SCIV23      X97751    23096bp    DNA      PLN      20-JAN-1997
    S.cerevisiae chrIV genes STE7, CLB3, MSH5, RPC53, RET1.
    CLB3 gene; cyclin B; DNA directed RNA polymerase III; MSH5 gene; ret1
     gene; RPC53 gene; STE7 gene; STE7; protein kinase; CLB3; MSH5; RPC53;
     RET1; non-clathrin coat protein.

SCPEA2      Y07594     3450bp    DNA      PLN      22-JAN-1997
    S.cerevisiae gene encoding Pea2 protein.
    Pea2 protein.

SCPEGK620   Z49133    18230bp    DNA      PLN      24-JAN-1997
    S.cerevisiae DNA; chromosome VII right arm (17.6 kb).
    ADE3 gene; C-1-tetrahydrofolate synthase; CCT gene; cholinephosphate
     cytidylyltransferase; electron-transferring flavoprotein beta chain;
     elongation factor 1; phosphoserine phosphohydrolase; thioredoxin I; TR-I
     gene; elongation factor 1 gamma homolog; CCT; cholinephosphate
     cytidylyltransferase; ADE3; Unknown; ETF-beta; GCN4; PSP; TR-I.

SCSPO15G    X54316     2761bp    DNA      PLN      28-JAN-1997
    S. cerevisiae SPO15 gene coding for a putative GTP binding protein.
    GTP-binding protein; microtubule binding protein; SPO15.

SCTHR4      X17256     2207bp    DNA      PLN      28-JAN-1997
    Yeast THR4 gene for threonine synthase (EC
    synthase; THR4 gene; threonine synthase.

SCXI207K    X75780    20723bp    DNA      PLN      20-JAN-1997
    S.cerevisiae chromosome XI (20.7 kb) DNA for Hsp70 homologue (A881),
     nucleoside diphosphate kinase homologue (A153), nuclear pore complex
     protein NUP100 (B959), tRNA-Trp, tRNA-Val, tRNA-His, F385, B766, C256,
     A169, A180, B147.
    delta element; HSP70 protein; nuclear pore protein;
     nucleoside-diphosphate kinase; transfer RNA-His; transfer RNA-Trp;
     transfer RNA-Val; F385; Hsp70 homologue; B766; tRNA-Trp(TGG); C256;
     A169; A180; tRNA-Val(GTT); nuclear pore complex protein NUP100;
     tRNA-His(CAC); nucleoside diphosphate kinase homologue; B147.

YSCHOR7B    D50470      395bp    mRNA     PLN      25-DEC-1996
    Baker's yeast mRNA, complete cds.
    unknown; Hor7.

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