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the supposed yeast syndrome

Susan Fisher RSTC Contractor sfisher at felix.cc.gatech.edu
Tue Jan 14 13:34:49 EST 1997

I have heard of the supposed Yeast Connection being a cause for a
plethora of different symptoms ranging from headache and fatigue to GI
difficulties.  I've seen the layman's books by Dr. Crook, and seen many
homeopathic remedies on the net. However, when I attempted to research
it's existance in reputable medical journals, I was surprised to find
next to nothing.  I found I believe 5 articles in total, all of which
questioned it's existance, but all of these were published fromn
1986-1989.  I only found one article that regarding research (a
double-blind trial of nystatin - results showed no diff. b/t it and the
placebo) I cannot find any recent information proving or disproving it's
I realize that this newsgroup is not the place for this question, and I
ask your forgiveness for that and assure you that I will not post
again.  But, I wanted to ask people who STUDY YEASTS their feelings on
the subject.  Do you think _The_Yeast_Connection_ has some validity?  Do
you think it's something to laugh at?  I am sincerely interested in
finding some opinions on this subject.  The book describes many of my
symptoms to a T, however I have little faith in it if I can not find any
research supporting it in medical journals.  (I've been looking at JAMA,
New Eng. Journ. of Medicine, etc.)  Also, do you have any other
suggestions of medical journals that I may look at?  I've been doing
searches on the Georgia Tech Library Catalog and I am sure that their
collection is not as extensive as other libraries so I plan to look into
Emory's library soon.

Once again, I am sorry for posting this here, and if do you respond, you
may wish to respond via email so that the rest of the group will not
have to thread through posts they do not wish to read. 

Thank you so much,
Susan Fisher
sfisher at felix.cc.gatech.edu

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