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PC Programs - Cataloging Yeast Strains

Michael Lichten lichten at helix.nih.gov
Fri Mar 1 08:37:26 EST 1996

In article <3136E4B7.718D at igmors.u-psud.fr>, gmt at igmors.u-psud.fr wrote:

> Hi, yeast netters.
> Same question but for Macintosh.
> (Switiching to a PC is never an option.)  :-)

We have a program called StrainFinder that is published by Bioware (which
is actually Warren Kibbe).  Strainfinder is a very simple program that
searches text files very fast, and I mean fast, and does all the Booleans
(and, or, not, etc.). How fast?  I just did a (ura3 AND cyh2 AND arg4) NOT
leu2 search on a strain collection with over 900 entries and it took 0.4
seconds (PowerMac 6100). 

We keep our strains as a Microsoft Word file but save a copy as a flat
text file, and use StrainFinder to do searches.  There are two
limitatitions of StrainFinder.  First, it uses carriage returns to delimit
records, so you can't include carriage returns in your strain entry.  This
was a problem for us, since our diploids are listed on multiple lines, but
Warren rewrote the code to recognize a "|" (vertical line) as a
delimiter.  Second, it can't handle alphas.  As a result, all our formerly
proud MATalpha strains have been reduced to an ignominious MATl. 

As you may gather, I am very happy with this program.  I had tried other
hypercard-based and standalone database programs, but the problem is that
as your collection gets big these get incredibly unwieldy and slow.  Also
the thought of re-entering an entire strain collection into a database
format was making me consider going to law school.

Warren's address and numbers are:

1144 Sherman Ave., Suite 100
Evanston IL 60202-1336 USA
vox 708 869-5626
W.Kibbe at GEnie.GEIS.com

Now for the ethics.  I have never met the guy in my life.  I have
absolutely no financial interest whatsoever in Bioware.  My glowing
endorsement is a purely personal one, and has absolutely nothing to do
with my position as a high-placed and influential Federal employee.  Is
this OK, Francis?

P.S.  It's cheap.

Michael Lichten
lichten at helix.nih.gov

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