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New Saccharomyces Sequences 10/31/95

SGD Sequences yeast-seq at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Tue Oct 31 08:01:19 EST 1995

S78566      S78566      392bp    mRNA     PLN      28-OCT-1995
    PRE3=proteasome subunit {5' region} [Saccharomyces cerevisiae, mRNA
     Partial, 392 nt].

SCBNI1      X92494    24152bp    DNA      PLN      30-OCT-1995
    S.cerevisiae BNI1, N0647, APL1, N0665, N0670, LYP1, PIK1, N0800, N0809,
     N0810, N0815, N0820, POL2, and N0830 genes.
    APL1 gene; BNI1 gene; LYP1 gene; PIK1 gene; POL2 gene; BNI1; APL1; LYP1;
     PIK1; POL2.

SCCVIIRA    X85807    26677bp    DNA      PLN      30-OCT-1995
    S.cerevisiae chromosome VII 27kbp right arm segment.
    chromosome VII; open reading frame; yeast; MOL1; NAT2; RPL30B; RSR1;
     CYS4; PEM1/CHO2; NSR1.

SCDER1      X92435      706bp    DNA      PLN      27-OCT-1995
    S.cerevisiae DER1 gene.
    DER1 protein; ER degradation.

SCU23819    U23819     7169bp    DNA      PLN      28-OCT-1995
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae multidomain vesicle coat protein (SEC16) gene,
     complete cds.
    SEC16; multidomain vesicle coat protein.

SCU32307    U32307     1463bp    DNA      PLN      22-OCT-1995
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae oligosaccharyltransferase 16 kDa subunit (OST2)
     gene, complete cds, and RAS1 gene, partial cds.
    OST2; Ost2p; RAS1; Ras1p.

SCU35647    U35647     4315bp    DNA      PLN      22-OCT-1995
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae pyruvate carboxylase 2 (PYC2) gene, complete
    PYC2; pyruvate carboxylase 2.

SCXV58KB    X87331    57619bp    DNA      PLN      25-OCT-1995
    S.cerevisiae genomic DNA (chromosome XV; strain FY1679).
    BUB3 gene; CIN5 gene; cpn10 gene; PET127 gene; RTS1 gene; small nuclear
     RNA; SNR9; STI1 gene; ORF OR26.01; ATP dependent permease (yeast
     homolog); tRNA-Gln, tRNA-Trp; ORF OR26.02; ORF OR26.03; ORF OR26.04;
     multicopy suppressor of ROX3; ORF OR26.05; ORF OR26.06; SNR9 small
     nuclear RNA; ORF OR26.07; mitochondrial translation factor; ORF OR26.08;
     ORF OR26.09; ORF OR26.10; chaperonin; ORF OR26.11; ORF OR26.12; ORF
     OR26.13; ORF OR26.14; ORF OR26.15; ORF OR26.16; ORF OR26.17; STI1 heat
     shock protein; ORF OR26.18; ORF OR26.19; ORF OR26.20; ORF OR26.21; ORF
     OR26.22; ORF OR26.23; ORF OR26.24; ORF OR26.25; ORF OR26.26; ORF
     OR26.27; ORF OR26.29; ORF OR26.30; ORF OR26.31; ORF OR26.32; ORF
     OR26.33; ORF OR26.28.

YSCLTP1G    L48604     1068bp    DNA      PLN      30-OCT-1995
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae protein tyrosine phosphatase (LTP1) gene,
     complete cds.
    protein tyrosine phosphatase; LTP1.

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