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Looking for Cyclin H.....

Karl Kleine KLEINE at MIPS6.dnet.mips.biochem.mpg.de
Mon Oct 9 04:45:44 EST 1995

Charles Yang wrote:

>	My name is Charles Yang and I am currently doing some work on yeast 	
>RNA pol2 initiation factors in S.Cerevisiae.  I am keying up on the TF2H 
>protein specifically the CCL1 gene which codes for a subunit of this 
>protein.  My problem:  I can't find the nucleotide and amino acid 
>sequences for the Cyclin H gene	(the human counterpart to CCL1) and its 
>corresponding protein. I've already checked Medline, Swiss-Prot, 
>Genbank, ....etc. to no avail.
>	If someone could e-mail me these sequences or point me to a specific 
>text or article that would have these sequences, I'd very much 
>appreciate it.

I am wondering where you have really searched because the CCL1 could be found
in the PIR International database with accession S39383 (see entry below), 
the EMBL accession is X71902 .


 Karl Kleine

cyclin CCL1 - yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

Species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Date: 13-Jan-1995 #sequence_revision 13-Jan-1995 #text_change 27-Jan-

Accession: S39383

Valay, J.G.; Simon, M.; Faye, G.
    J. Mol. Biol. 234, 307-310, 1993
    Title: The Kin28 protein kinase is associated with a cyclin in
      Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
    Reference number: S39383
    Accession: S39383
    Molecule type: DNA
    Residues: 1-393 <VAL>
    Cross-references: EMBL:X71902
    Note: nucleotide sequence not given

    Gene: CCL1

          26 Ala  A     16 Gln  Q     38 Leu  L     31 Ser  S
          15 Arg  R     38 Glu  E     42 Lys  K     29 Thr  T
          20 Asn  N      7 Gly  G      6 Met  M      1 Trp  W
          21 Asp  D      7 His  H     16 Phe  F     17 Tyr  Y
           5 Cys  C     24 Ile  I     16 Pro  P     18 Val  V
     Mol. wt. unmod. chain = 45,210      Number of residues = 393

              5        10        15        20        25        30
    1 M T D I Q L N G K S T L D T P S A T M S A K E K E A K L K S
   31 A D E N N K P P N Y K R I S D D D L Y R H S S Q Y R M W S Y
   61 T K D Q L Q E K R V D T N A R A I A Y I E E N L L K F R E A
   91 H N L T E E E I K V L E A K A I P L T M E E E L D L V N F Y
  121 A K K V Q V I A Q H L N L P T E V V A T A I S F F R R F F L
  151 E N S V M Q I D P K S I V H T T I F L A C K S E N Y F I S V
  181 D S F A Q K A K S T R D S V L K F E F K L L E S L K F S L L
  211 N H H P Y K P L H G F F L D I Q N V L Y G K V D L N Y M G Q
  241 I Y D R C K K R I T A A L L T D V V Y F Y T P P Q I T L A T
  271 L L I E D E A L V T R Y L E T K F P S R E G S Q E S V P G N
  301 E K E E P Q N D A S T T E K N K E K S T E S E E Y S I D S A
  331 K L L T I I R E C K S I I E D C K P P S T E E A K K I A A K
  361 N Y Y C Q N P S T L I Q K L K R K L N G E D T S S T V E K K
  391 Q K T

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