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A New Nomenclature for Chaperonin Genes in Yeast

Caroline Adler adler at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Fri Nov 17 12:37:56 EST 1995

Saccharomyces Genome Database
ANNOUNCEMENT: A New Nomenclature for Chaperonin Genes

The Saccharomyces Genome Database project provides an online computer
service which maintains information about Saccharomyces genes
including naming, mapping and sequencing information.  In addition to
the database, the task of maintaining the Saccharomyces Gene Registry
was transferred to us from Dr. Robert Mortimer.  Therefore, part of
our role is to facilitate discussions among researchers with the
goal of clarifying the nomenclature.

Fred Sherman recently proposed that we use the CCT designation (for
Component of Chaperonin containing T-complex) to describe the
chaperonin genes in yeast. To clarify the names of the yeast
chaperonin components, the following nomenclature has been adopted.

        Old name              New Name
       ==================    ====================================
        TCP1                  TCP1 (CCT1 is a non-standard name)
        TCP2/BIN3             CCT2
        TriC5/BIN2            CCT3
        ANC2                  CCT4
        TCP5                  CCT5
        TCP20/TCP6/HTR3       CCT6
        CCTH                  CCT7
        --                    CCT8

Please note that the TCP1 gene name has been retained.  Although there
appears to be a consensus on the use of CCT, the TCP1 gene name
has been retained due to an objection.  Our priority at the SGD is to
reflect the current, common usage of the literature and community
involved in Saccharomyces cerevisiae research.  We are continually
updating and modifying the database as necessary to reflect the
current literature usage.  We will continue to do so in the future.  If
CCT1 becomes standard usage in future chaperonin literature, the
database will be modified to reflect this change.

In addition to the chaperonin nomenclature changes in yeast, the CCT
designations have been adopted for the mouse gene symbols and are
being considered for use by the human genome nomenclature committee.

To search for information on these genes within the Saccharomyces
Genome Database from our SGD WWW page, first select "Named Genes" then
type CCT* to search for the CCT genes.  If you wish to search our
database for information on the CCT's or any other genes please see
the connect information is below.

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