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Yeast Introns??

Tue Nov 14 17:42:06 EST 1995

> To:            yeast at net.bio.net
> From:          djdlab at bimcore.emory.edu (Dean Danner Lab)
> Subject:       Yeast Introns??
> Date:          14 Nov 1995 18:21:01 GMT
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> I have recently cloned a PCR product obtained using yeast genomic DNA
> as the template.  The product was produced using degenerate primers,
> designed to match sequences conserved across species in a particular
> protein.  Some of the sequence seems to match well with the expected
> translated product, however, the clone does not appear to have a single
> ORF (i.e., when translated in the 3 frames suggested by the assumed
> orientation of the original primers, none of the 3 frames are a complete
> ORF).
> One of the possibilities is that this is, indeed, the gene I'm looking for,
> but it contains at least one intron.
> I don't know much about introns in  yeast nuclear genes.  Basically I want
> to know how to spot an intron from the primary sequence and where to find
> basic info on yeast nuclear genomic introns and splicing.
> I will post a summary of the best help I have received in response.
> Thanks,
> Brett Burkholder
> Emory University
> Genetics and Molecular Medicine

You should be able to recognize the GT..AG boundaries and the AG 
boundary should be preceded by a lariat site.  The hardest part is 
recognizing the 5'donor end as the patterns are less specific.

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