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pRS314 restriction map

Mike Cherry cherry at stout.Stanford.EDU
Sun Jul 9 19:50:18 EST 1995

In article <9507092341.AA04927 at borduas.nlm.nih.gov>,
 <francis at NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV> wrote:
>> From: raymonm at ircm.umontreal.ca (RAY-Martine Raymond)
>> Subject: pRS314 restriction map
>> Does someone know about how to find a pRS314 (exhaustive) restriction map?
>The accession number is U03440
>You can retrieve it from:
>1) retrieve at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
>2) Entrez (all flavors: CD-Rom, Network and WWW)
>3) WWW at: http://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/

You can also obtain the pRS314 sequence from the collection of
Saccharomyces Vector Sequences using Internet Gopher from
genome-gopher.stanford.edu, or WWW from http://genome-www.stanford.edu/

There are currently 63 vector sequences in the collection which was
originally compiled by David Stillman (stillman at bioscience.biology.utah.edu)

Here is a list of the collection of Yeast Vector sequences with
GenBank accession number, vector name, type and markers :

U03497  pBM272      YCp  URA3 marker and GAL1 promoter
U01086  pYAC4       YAC  URA3, TRP1, HIS3, sup4-o markers
L19873  pYEULCGT    YEp  URA3, LEU2-d markers
U03500  YEp353      YEp  URA3 marker and lacZ reporter
L09158  YRp17       YRp  URA3  and TRP1 markers

M98046  pCS19       YCp  URA3 marker
X70482  pFL38       YCp  URA3 marker
U03442  pRS316      YCp  URA3 marker
U03450  pRS416      YCp  URA3 marker
U02436  rpSE937     YCp  URA3 marker
X70276  YCp50       YCp  URA3 marker
X75456  YCplac33    YCp  URA3 marker
X70477  pFL26       YIp  URA3 marker
X70479  pFL34       YIp  URA3 marker
U03438  pRS306      YIp  URA3 marker
U03446  pRS406      YIp  URA3 marker
L14759  YIp352      YIp  URA3 marker
L09157  YIp5        YIp  URA3 marker
X75462  YIplac211   YIp  URA3 marker
X70484  pFL44L      YEp  URA3 marker
X70266  pFL44S      YEp  URA3 marker
X70273  pFL64M      YEp  URA3 marker
X70274  pFL64P      YEp  URA3 marker
U03454  pRS423      YEp  URA3 marker
U02457  pYEUra3     YEp  URA3 marker
L09156  YEp24       YEp  URA3 marker
L14758  YEp352      YEp  URA3 marker
X75459  YEplac195   YEp  URA3 marker

X70481  pFL36       YCp  LEU2 marker
U03441  pRS315      YCp  LEU2 marker
U03449  pRS415      YCp  LEU2 marker
X75457  YCplac111   YCp  LEU2 marker
U03437  pRS305      YIp  LEU2 marker
U03445  pRS405      YIp  LEU2 marker
L14756  YIp351      YIp  LEU2 marker
X75463  YIplac128   YIp  LEU2 marker
X70269  pFL46L      YEp  LEU2 marker
X70270  pFL46S      YEp  LEU2 marker
U03453  pRS424      YEp  LEU2 marker
U03498  YEp13       YEp  LEU2 marker
U03499  YEp213      YEp  LEU2 marker
L14757  YEp351      YEp  LEU2 marker
X75460  YEplac181   YEp  LEU2 marker

X70483  pFL39       YCp  TRP1 marker
X70271  pFL59M      YCp  TRP1 marker
X70272  pFL59P      YCp  TRP1 marker
U03440  pRS314      YCp  TRP1 marker   <-------
U03448  pRS414      YCp  TRP1 marker
X75455  YCplac22    YCp  TRP1 marker
X70480  pFL35       YIp  TRP1 marker
U03436  pRS304      YIp  TRP1 marker
U03444  pRS404      YIp  TRP1 marker
X75461  YIplac204   YIp  TRP1 marker
U03501  YRp7        YRp  TRP1 marker
X70267  pFL45L      YEp  TRP1 marker
X70268  pFL45S      YEp  TRP1 marker
U03452  pRS425      YEp  TRP1 marker
X75458  YEplac112   YEp  TRP1 marker

U03439  pRS313      YCp  HIS3 marker
U03447  pRS413      YCp  HIS3 marker
U03435  pRS303      YIp  HIS3 marker
U03443  pRS403      YIp  HIS3 marker
U03451  pRS426      YEp  HIS3 marker

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