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New Saccharomyces Sequences 02/28/95

SGD Sequences yeast-seq at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Tue Feb 28 07:54:56 EST 1995

SC8054      Z48430     9421bp    DNA      PLN      21-FEB-1995
    S.cerevisiae chromosome XIII cosmid 8054.
    carnitine o-acetyltransferase; CAT2; transfer RNA-Pro;
      Ty1 transposon.

SC8132X     Z48483    25540bp    DNA      PLN      24-FEB-1995
    S.cerevisiae chromosome XVI cosmid 8132.
    CHL1; coatomer zeta subunit; tropomyosin.

SCCHRIV42   Z48432    41372bp    DNA      PLN      21-FEB-1995
    S.cerevisiae chromosome IV left arm DNA segment (41372 bp).
    26S proteasome; acid phosphatase; ATP synthase delta subunit;
      glutaredoxin; glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase; HEX3 gene;
      nuclear protein SON1; nucleolar protein NOP1;
      phosphoglycerate mutase; protein kinase;
      protein serine/threonine phosphatase; PTC1 gene; tRNA-Ala gene;
      tRNA-Ser gene; tRNA-Thr gene.

SCDNABMH2   X84817     1011bp    DNA      PLN      21-FEB-1995
    S.cerevisiae BMH2 gene.
    BMH2 gene.

SCORFS12    Z48229     2703bp    DNA      PLN      21-FEB-1995
    S.cerevisiae tRNA-Val, orf1 and orf2 genes.

SCPBR1      Z46262     9697bp    DNA      PLN      24-FEB-1995
    S.cerevisiae PBR1 gene for sensitivity to papulacandin B.
    pbr1 gene.

SCPMP27     X81465     1260bp    DNA      PLN      23-FEB-1995
    S.cerevisiae PMP27 gene.
    peroxisomal membrane protein 27p; PMP27 gene.

SCQRI271    X79380     5012bp    DNA      PLN      23-FEB-1995
    S.cerevisiae QRI2, QRI7 and QRI1 genes.
    QRI1 gene; QRI2 gene; QRI7 gene.

SCSLS1      Z48452     2498bp    DNA      PLN      22-FEB-1995
    S.cerevisiae SLS1 gene.
    SLS1 gene.

YSCOSD1     D16332     3559bp    ds-DNA   PLN      28-FEB-1995
    Yeast OSD1 gene.

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