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CD-ROM Release of SGD

Mike Cherry cherry at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Wed Feb 8 01:14:54 EST 1995

           CD-ROM Release of Saccharomyces Genome Database

    A Macintosh CD-ROM containing SacchDB, has been created by the SGD
at Stanford with funding from the National Center for Human Genome
Research, NIH.  The CD-ROM contains the Macintosh and UNIX versions of
the yeast database using the ACEDB software.  Many other files are
included on the CD-ROM including: all yeast sequences in GenBank 86,
spreadsheet tables of information exported from the database,
documentation, results from the chromosomal sequencing groups,
diagrammatic maps from edition 12 of the yeast maps, Olson physical
map fragment data files and more.

    It is our hope that yeast researchers everywhere will use the
CD-ROM to familiarize themselves with the resources available from the
SGD project at Stanford and to allow colleagues and neighbors to make
a copy of SacchDB for their own use.  We suggest that users transfer
SacchDB from the CD-ROM onto a hard drive attached to a Macintosh with
at least 16 MB of memory available for applications.  Copying SacchDB
onto your own computer will allow you to share the CD-ROM with
colleagues.  For those with limited computer memory a DEMO version has
also been included that requires only 6 MB of RAM.  The DEMO only
contains a fraction of the information available from the full
database but does contain the genetic and physical maps.

    Although the CD-ROM is readable only by Macintosh computers the
UNIX specific files have been included.  Transferring these files to a
UNIX computer will allow the UNIX version of SacchDB to be used.
Despite the utility of the Macintosh form of SacchDB, there are two
alternate methods that might be better for power users that rely on
the UNIX version.  One is to install the UNIX version of SacchDB on a
server and use an X-windows emulator on a Macintosh or Windows PC.
The second method is to use the UNIX version with a workstation or
from a server to an X-terminal.

    Currently, there are no plans to release regular updates of
SacchDB on CD-ROM.  Instead, we hope that the CD-ROM will encourage
researchers to investigate the on-line version of SacchDB from which
periodic updates should be performed by FTP.  To facilitate this we
have included on the CD-ROM in the Network Tools folder software and
addresses that will be of use to you as you negotiate the Internet.

    Last week we sent our first mailing of this CD-ROM to each
laboratory that attended the Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology
meeting last year in Seattle.

    If you would like a copy of the CD-ROM please send your complete
postal mailing address to: yeast-cdrom at genome.stanford.edu

    We ask that there be only one request per lab group as the number
of CD-ROMs is limited.

Mike Cherry, Cathy Ball, Rita Schmidt, Karen Davis, Selina Dwight,
Mark Schroeder and David Botstein

       SGD Contact Addresses and Numbers:
              E-Mail:  yeast-curator at genome.stanford.edu
                 FAX:  (415) 723-7016
               Phone:  (415) 725-8956
                 URL:  http://genome-www.stanford.edu
              Gopher:  genome-gopher.stanford.edu     Port: 70
                 FTP:  genome-ftp.stanford.edu

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