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Yeast molecular genetic papers

Charlie Hoffman hoffmacs at hermes.bc.edu
Thu Dec 21 08:44:48 EST 1995

Hi group,
I thought I'd try to liven up the posting (and tap your brains for ideas)
with this question.
What do you think are the most exciting and instructive papers in yeast
molecular genetics?

I am putting together a graduate seminar on the topic.  Here are some of
my picks.  The order of these picks is not indicative of anything other
than the order in which I come across papers in the folder in front of

1.  High copy suppression/ synthetic lethality-  Bender and Pringle MCB
11: 1295-1305. (colony sector assay which identified BEM1 and BEM2)
2.  Mutant hunts- general enrichment - Walton et al. MGG 171: 111-114.
(temperature killing to enrich for mutants)
3.  Unlinked noncomplementation- Stearns and Botstein- Genetics 119:
249-260. (TUB1 and TUB2 genetics)
4.  Cloning of human genes by complementation- Lee and Nurse Nature 127:
31-35. (human cdc2 cloning)
5.  Identification of a mammalian transcriptional activator binding site-
Wilson et al. Science 252: 1296-1300. (NGFI-B binding site selection)
6.  Study of mammalian proteins in yeast- Bischoff et al. MCB 12:
1405-1411.  (p53 mutant hunt in S. pombe)
7.  Genomic level studies (not focused on one process)- Burns et al. Genes
Dev. 8: 1087-1105. (Snyder lab large-scale gene disruption/fusion
 Smith et al. PNAS 92: 64-79-6483. (Botstein lab genetic footprinting of
Chr.V using PCR and transposition)
8.  Two hybrid system - Fields and Song,  Nature 340: 245-246 (the original)
 Amberg et al. Nat. Struct. Biol. 2: 28-35- Use of actin mutants to dine
many interaction faces
9.  Homologous recombination- The "classic"  Rothstein and Orr-Weaver et
al. papers.
10.  Turf wars with biochemists- SRB studies from Young lab (original SRB
mutant hunt and SRB2 protein localization studies)

I also plan to include a classical linkage and complementation paper, a
mutant seletion, a mutant screen, and an intragenic complementation
paper.  I am not particularly set on which examples to use for these
I would love to hear from the rest of the yeast community as far as other
papers or topics you would include if this were your course (or you have
included in similar courses).

Thanks.  Happy holidays.
Charlie Hoffman
Boston College
I'd rather be fission.

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