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Growth of Yeast on Non-Fermentable CHO's

Solange S de Camargo scamargo at usp.br
Thu Dec 14 13:00:40 EST 1995

On Thu, 14 Dec 1995, Tomas Drgon wrote:

> In article <30CCB9D5.4EAC at medcor.mcgill.ca>, Greg Cosentino
> <Cosentino at medcor.mcgill.ca> wrote:
> > Hi Netters,
> > 
> > I am checking the ability of a yeast strain to grow on 
> > non-fermentable carbohydrates (glycerol, ethanol, and acetate) 
> > compared to glucose. As a lark, I also streaked my yeast onto 
> > control plates composed of yeast extract and peptone but with no 
> > carbohydrate at all. It seems that the strains capable of aerobic 
> > growth also grew in the absence of any carbohydrate whatsover, but 
> > the petite mutants didn't grow. The seed cultures were made in 
> > liquid YPD media and then washed extensively with water prior to 
> > plating so I wouldn't carry over any of the glucose containing media 
> > when I plated them. Any ideas to explain growth of the yeast in the 
> > absence of carbohydrate?
> They should not grow. I tend to think, that there are residual amounts of
> sugars in your agar. I tried to grow wildtype yeast (S.c) in liquid YPD
> where I by mistake did not add glucose or any other carbon source, and i
> have got definitely NO growth.
> On the other hand, for some yeast the carbon skeletons coming from the
> degradation of amino acids might be enough to feed Krebs cycle to produce
> enough NADH for respiratory chain.
> Tomas Drgon
> -- 
> Signature under construction...
The same thing has already happened with me, and the yeast GROWTH very 
well. I don't  know, but I think it dependens on the strain you are 
working on. If it has a lot of carbohidrates stored (into itself cell), I 
think it should growth. But, the agar quality is a problem too. Why don't 
you try wash the agar before preparing the medium? 
Good luck, 

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