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Meaning of GAL+ nomenclature

Joab egbjoab at vmhpo.uff.br
Mon Dec 4 16:33:36 EST 1995

In article <30B37DE9.314F at medcor.mcgill.ca>, Greg Cosentino <Cosentino at medcor.mcgill.ca> says:
>I have what will likely be a rather naive question. A yeast strain I 
>am using has the designation "GAL+" in the genotype description. I 
>can't find this described in either the Guthrie and Fink or 
>Strathern, Jones and Broach yeast handbooks. My guess is that it 
>means the yeast galactose regulon is intact (ie. wild-type GAL4 and 
>GAL80 genes) and that this strain can utilize galactose. Is this 
>right or hopelessly wrong? It is important as I am planning to 
>transform this strain with galactose-inducible expression vector.
>Thanking you for your help in advance.

Dear Greg:

	The "GAL+" genotype means only that your strain is able to growth
on galactose as the only carbon source. It can be a wild-type strain, with
intact GAL4 and GAL80 gene plus all the other enzymes necessary for galactose 
catabolism (GAL2, GAL3, GAL1, GAL5, GAL7, GAL10), or it can have a gal80 
mutation, which make it express constitutively all the enzyme for galactose
  	I believe that you need utilize a better characterized strain.


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