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spore/strain storage

BHOOPES at center.colgate.edu BHOOPES at center.colgate.edu
Mon Aug 14 10:41:29 EST 1995

        We have been storing integrated transformants in large numbers with
good success in 96 well plates.  We innoculate 150 microliters of YEPD
with cells and leave them for two days at 30 degrees to grow.  Then we add
half a volume
of 50% glycerol (so less than 25%), stir with a pipet tip or toothpick and
store at -80 degrees.  The cells can be recovered by scraping a toothpick over
the frozen culture (I haven't tried one of those multichannel pipettors to do
a whole row at once, but I will probably eventually).

Good luck.

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> Mail*Link(r) SMTP               FWD>RE>Preserving yeast strains
> You might ask people that work with YACs.  I know of at least one lab
here that
> freezes their cells in microtiter dishes.
> Henrik
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> Date: 4/17/96 8:02 PM
> From: Schekman Lab
> In article <3173A226.7E1A at mbp.biosci.missouri.edu>, Steven Nothwehr
> <nothwehr at mbp.biosci.missouri.edu> wrote:
> > Does anyone know of a quick method to easily preserve hundreds of 
> > yeast clones without actually going to the trouble of making 
> > independent frozen DMSO (or glycerol) stocks in separate vials?  Could 
> > this be done using microtiter (ELISA) plates?  Any suggestions would 
> > be appreciated.
> Robin Wright published a method in Biotechniques withing the past year
> that involves drying down colonies on agar between sheets of cellophane.
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