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Largest S.cerevisiae introns?

A. Kalogeropoulos angelos at igmors.u-psud.fr
Thu Aug 24 03:06:16 EST 1995

>Doug Portman (doug at quicklink.com) wrote:
>> I'm in the process of characterizing a novel S. cerevisiae gene which has
>> an intron of 766 bp. Does anyone know how many yeast genes contain
>> introns larger than this? The only one I've been able to find is DBP2,
>> the yeast gene for the p68 RNA helicase, which contains a 1-kb intron
>> (MCB 11:1326, 1991).

>Mike Cherry replies
>Other than a couple large mitochondrial introns there is a 1384 nt
>intron in the SUP35 gene.  Here is a bit of the GenBank entry for this
>LOCUS       YSCSUP2      3321 bp    DNA             PLN       15-MAR-1989
>DEFINITION  Yeast (S.cerevisiea) omnipotent suppressor (SUP2) gene, complete

	DBP2 intron is the unique intron sor far known to be so big. The
comment of M. Chhery about SUP2(SUP35) is not applicable since the authors
(Kushirov, Ter, Telcklov, Surguchov, Smirnov, Inge, MCB 11 1326-1333, 1988)
pointed out that they cannot evidence splicing experimentaly, and if such
splicing takes place it will delete important sequences from the protein.

	Thus DBP2 intron is the unique exemple.
	For more comments on yeast introns see: 
	Kalogeropoulos, Yeast, 11, 555-565, 1995
	Concerning your intron, do you evidence its presence experimentaly ?
	I'm interested by this gene, please contact me by e-mail

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