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Barbara Dunn bdunn at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Thu Aug 10 15:48:01 EST 1995

On 10 Aug 1995, Abhijit Datta wrote: 

> does anyone know anything about the cerevisiae spt7 gene....function...
> phenotype? any refs.?

I work with the Saccharomyces Genome Database, and thought you might be
interested to know about our database--it contains information about
virtually every gene that has been characterized in S. cerevisiae, e.g.,
DNA sequence, references (not exhaustive, but at least they can get you
started), phenotypes, gene product/function, etc.  You can connect with
the database via the Web or via Gopher (see our internet addresses 
below), and then follow the menus to find out about the gene you're 
interested in. 

I have included the information that we have for spt7:

Locus : "spt7"
Gene_class       "SPT"
Gene_product     "transcription factor"
Protein_info     "SPT7"
Phenotype        "suppression of Ty transcription"
Location-ORF     "chr II" "YBR081c"
Positive_clone   "5659"
Positive_clone   "YBR081c"
Sequence         "YBR081c"
Sequence         "L22537_1.cds"
Sequence         "M87651_1.cds"
SwissProt        "SPT7_YEAST" "P35177"
PIR      "S41552" "S41552"
Map      "II" 46.000000 0.000000
Reference        "winst_1987_aagib"
2_point  "pet9-spt7-2211"
2_point  "spt7-lys2-2213"

Protein_Info : "SPT7"
Information_obtained_from        "The Yeast Protein Database at CSHL"
Locus    "spt7"
YPD_Name         "SPT7"
Description      "Member of TBP class of SPT genes that alter \
        transcription start site selection, bromodomain protein"
pI_plus-one-charge       4.560000
pI       4.570000
pI_minus-one-charge      4.580000
MW       152526
Codon_Bias       0.049000
GenBank  "Z35950"
GenBank_CDS_num  1
SwissProt        "P35177"
PIR      "S41552"
Major_Localization       "nuclear"
Molecular_Environ        "dna-associated (direct or indirect)"
Length   1332
AA_composition-a         58
AA_composition-c         6
AA_composition-d         125
AA_composition-e         139
AA_composition-f         47
AA_composition-g         49
AA_composition-h         22
AA_composition-i         74
AA_composition-k         129
AA_composition-l         128
AA_composition-m         28
AA_composition-n         104
AA_composition-p         39
AA_composition-q         57
AA_composition-r         46
AA_composition-s         108
AA_composition-t         80
AA_composition-v         51
AA_composition-w         8
AA_composition-y         34
AA_composition-N-m       1
CDC28_motif      2
CKII_motif       23
PKA_motif        29
N-glc_motif      13
N-term_seq       "mteripi"
N-term-proc_seq  "mteripi"
C-term-proc_seq  "slprlnq"
Reference        "hayne_1992_aablt"
Reference        "jungm_1993_aacbk"
Reference        "vande_1994_aajef"
Note     "This information is from the Yeast Protein Database by Garrels \
        and Latter. For more information on YPD check their server WWW 
        http://siva.cshl.org/ or ftp://isis.cshl.org/pub/yeast/YPD/"

Paper : "hayne_1992_aablt"
Title    "The bromodomain: A conserved sequence found in human, \
        Drosophila and yeast proteins"
Citation         "Haynes, S.R., et al. (1992) The bromodomain: A 
conserved \
        sequence found in human, Drosophila and yeast proteins. Nucl. 
Acids \
        Res. 20:2603-2603"
Journal  "Nucleic Acids Research"
Year     1992
Volume   "20"
Page     "2603" "2603"
Medline  "92285152"
Author   "Haynes, S. R."
Author   "Dollard, C."
Author   "Winston, F."
Author   "Beck, S."
Author   "Trowsdale, J."
Author   "Dawid, I. B."
Sequence         "YBR081c"
Sequence         "YSCSPT7A (GB)"
Sequence         "YSCSNF2A (GB)"
Protein_info     "SPT7"

Paper : "winst_1987_aagib"
Title    "Three genes are required for trans-activation of TY \
        transcription in yeast."
Citation         "Winston, F., et al. (1987) Three genes are required for \
        trans-activation of TY transcription in yeast. Genetics 115:649-656"
Journal  "Genetics (USA)"
Year     1987
Volume   "115"
Page     "649" "656"
Medline  "87219821"
Author   "Winston, F."
Author   "Dollard, C."
Author   "Malone, E. A."
Author   "Clare, J."
Author   "Kapakos, J. G."
Author   "Farabaugh, P."
Author   "Minehart, P. L."
Abstract         "winst_1987_aagib"
Locus    "spt7"
Locus    "spt8"
2_point  "pet9-spt7-2211"
2_point  "spt7-lys2-2213"
2_point  "asp5-spt8-2650"
2_point  "asp5-gal2-2651"
2_point  "spt8-gal2-2652"
2_point  "pet9-lys2-2212"

The other thing to do is to connect to Medline (or any other database of 
bio-science journal articles) and search it using the keyword "spt7".  
Your university library should be able to help you!

I hope this has been helpful.

    Barbara Dunn, Ph.D.
    Database Curator                    
    Saccharomyces Genome Database                                
    Department of Genetics                                     
    Stanford University Med. Ctr.                         
    Stanford, CA  94305-5120   USA 
    phone: 415-725-8956                                   
    fax:   415-723-7016                                   
    e-mail:        bdunn at genome.stanford.edu	
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