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yeast shuttle vectors

Tue Nov 22 18:09:28 EST 1994

                   Ohio University Electronic Communication

   Date:  22-Nov-1994 05:29pm EST

     To:  Remote Addressee                     ( _MX%"yeast at net.bio.net." )

   From:  Tejal Bhatt                                Dept:  Biological Sciences
          BHATT                                    Tel No:  (614) 593-4635

Subject:  yeast shuttle vectors

Hi. I am looking for a yeast shuttle vector which will allow me to express and    
secrete a protein. I have a cDNA flanked by a BAR1 promoter/secretory leader and  
triose phosphate isomerase terminator, cloned into a vector with leu2-d and 
triose phosphate isomerase (POT) selectable markers. The selection is 
inefficient and the only method of transformation (spheroplasting) I have been 
able to use with the host strain is- to put it kindly- a pain. I am not 
experienced with yeast and only have a vague understanding of its genetics. I 
only want to use yeast as a means to express my protein at high levels and for 
easy purification and mutagenesis. Even though I do not know much about yeast, I    
know there must be a yeast system which is "user friendly". If anyone could 
refer me to a company which sells yeast expression vectors which: 1) contain 
either a leu2-3, trp1, or ura3 selectable marker 2) contain a promoter/secretion   
signal-termination sequence into which cDNA can be cloned- but not a fusion 
protein 3) constituitively express 4) autonomously replicate and 5) are easily 
shuttled from E. coli to yeast and back, I would really appreciate it ( I have 
already looked through Stratagene and Clonetech). If anyone knows of such a 
vector or has one that they would be willing to let me use, I would be most 

Tejal Bhatt
Dept. of Biol. Sci.
331 Irvine Hall
Ohio University
Athens, Ohio 45701 

Received:  22-Nov-1994 06:12pm

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