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yeast cDNA libraries and strains needed

MHAMILTO at vm.ucs.UAlberta.CA MHAMILTO at vm.ucs.UAlberta.CA
Fri Mar 18 15:36:45 EST 1994

    I'm looking for a company (or university, or individual) who would be
willing to send/sell me a saccharomyces cDNA library contained in a YEAST
expression vector (ie the cDNA is under GAL1 control) It can be a YR or YC
or YE type of vector, and I don't need any specific selectable marker. (though
TRP1 would make my life easier.  I've contacted a few companies (Clontech,
Invitrogen) and been told that they used to, but don't anymore.  Strangely,
they also don't carry genomic libraries in a yeast vector.  Apparently, the
idea that you would want to put a library directly into yeast hasn't occurred
to them.  They have libraries in lambda and cosmids, but not plasmids.   Works
fine if you have a fragment already, but sucks if you want to do complementatio
    Anyway, what I need is info about where I could get a library, cDNA preferr
ed, but genomic is OK, in a GAL1 expression vector.  Keep in mind that I cannot
 afford to get a custom job ($4000+) but can afford about $1000.  Of course, do
nations are cheerfully accepted, though I expect the gene I want will be a low
abundance message, so the fewer amplifications the library has endured, the bet
ter.  I will accept direct e-mail messages from companies, and will post a summ
ary of their quotes and services.

     On a different note, I'd like to try a teeny little experiment which requi
res a lacZ-YFG fusion.  I don't want to go through the three month hassle of co
nstructing it, so could someone please send me either a yeast strain which has
a functional lacZ, controlled by a yeast promoter (preferably not GAL1), integr
ated into the genome.  (not a free plasmid)
     My only requirements for the promoter is that it allows lacZ expression, a
nd is normally active.   The gene the lacZ is fused to is more or less unimport
ant, except it should be easily supplemented in the media if the strain is muta
nt, and it is not located in the rDNA cluster.  (Things are just too strange in
 there).   (A fusion to TRP1 would tie in with my stuff nicely, though)

      Thank you to everyone who replies with suggestions.

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