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mapping yeast genetics

Wed Jul 13 15:21:50 EST 1994

Dear yeastnetters,

I am embarking on a quantitative analysis of the intellectual structure of
yeast genetics and am seeking information and suggestions from any interested
parties on this list. I have been involved for about 12 years now in the use
of citation analysis--specifically cocitation mapping and clustering--to study
the intellectual structure of various fields natural and social sciences and
the change in this structure over time.  I use cited authors' names and the
maps and cluster analyses reflect the patterns of co-occurrence of these
names in the reference lists of journal articles indexed by Science Citation
Index. Most of my work in genetics has dealt with fly genetics, population
genetics, development of a map of all of genetics in the period just after
World War II, and a map of all of genetics based on the cocitation of journal
titles. (I have also worked, alone or with students, in neural networks
research, artificial intelligence, fisheries & aquatic sciences, anthropology
& archeology, macroeconomics and economics broadly construed, religious
studies, information science, and biotechnology.)

I read Hall & Linder's  "The Early Days of Yeast Genetics" with great interest
and decided to use the list of chapter authors and those names with substantial
page references in the author index as a starting point for developing a
working list of cocited authors to map yeast genetics over successive
5 year periods from about 1960 - date. I include the resulting list below for
anyone who might be interested and wish to comment, add authors, remove
authors, etc.

I am particularly interested in any names of prominent S. pombe researchers
who might have been omitted from the Hall & Linder chapters.  My goal is
not to create the definitive list of yeast geneticists, but to develop a list
that covers all the different venues of yeast genetics research.

I look forward to any comments yeast netters might have.  Please respond to
me personally unless you think the list might be interested in a discussion
of who should & should not be included as a prominent representative of a
particular theoretical, experimental or other point of view.

Thanks in advance.

Kate McCain                        "bibliometrics R us"
College of Information Studies
Drexel University

mccainkw at duvm.ocs.drexel.edu

Beadle, G.               Holliday, R.               Perkins, D.
Bevan, A.                Hurst, D.D.                Pittman, D.
Botstein, D.             Jones, E.W.                Pomper, S.
Carbon, J.               Kakar, S.                  Resnick, M.
Cox, B.                  Kaplan, G.                 Roman, H.
Davis, R.                Lacroute, F.               Schatz, G.
Delbrck, M.              Lederberg, J.              Sherman, F.
Douglas, H.C.            Leupold, U.                Shult, E.
Ephrussi, B..            Lindegren, C. C.           Slonimski, P.
Esposito, R.E            Lindegren, G.              Spiegelman, S.
Fink, G.R.     .         Linder, P.                 Stadler, D.
Fogel, S.                Linnane, A.                Stadler, L.J.
Friis, J.                Mackay, V.L.               Stahl, F.
Game, J.                 Magni, G.E.                Tatum, E.
Hall, B.D.               Manney, T.                 Tzagoloff, A.
Hall, M. N.              McLaughlin, C.             Von Borstel, R.C.
Hartwell, L.H.           Mitchell, M.B.             Wilke, D.
Hawthorne, D.            Mitchison, J.M.            Williamson, D.H.
Haynes, R.H.             Mortimer, R.K.             Winge, O
Herskowitz, I.           Motulsky, A.               Yanofsky, C
Hicks, J.B.             Ogur, M.                    Zimmerman, F.
                        Oshima, Y.                  Zirkle, RE

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