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Automated DNA sequencers-what do you like?

Francis Ouellette francis at BORDUAS.NLM.NIH.GOV
Thu Feb 17 11:02:35 EST 1994

Charlie Hoffman <HOFFMACS at hermes.bc.edu> writes:

> I am starting to look into automated DNA sequencers.  I'd be interested
> in feedback from people who have experience with the various models. 
> What do you have and what do you like or dislike about them?  How
> accurate are they really?

not that yeast people don't use automated sequencers, but this topic
fall under the 'charter' of bionet.genome.chromosomes, and it might be
better to look at that group (biochrom at net.bio.net),

and if you gopher to ftp.bio.indiana.edu, and look at:

 -->  8.  Network-News/
   -->  2.  Bionet News at IUBio archive <?>

you can search all of the bionet newsgroups for discussions on your
favorite topic!

if you search with 'sequencer and automatic', you get:

      1.  Jaime Pril Re: BuildSampleSheet for ABI sequencer.
      2.  HRMBDKC at HK Re: automatic DNA sequencing systems.
      3.  wetsel_r at w Re: Automated Sequencer Anyone?.
      4.  Unknown Subject.
      5.  Unknown Subject.
      6.  Unknown Subject.
      7.  broe at aardv Re: Re: Automated Sequencers Anyone?.
      8.  kristoff at G Re: NIH Guide, vol. 21, no. 3, pt. 3, 24 January 1992.
      9.  gea at IASTAT Re: Re: Molbio software.

If you search with 'ABI' you get > 200 entries, some eye catching
subject lines as:

      56. cash at genev Re: ABI373 and third party software.
      68. Bo Serveni Re: Re: Sequencher vs Applied Biosystems.
      88. rossiter at b Re: Advanced DNA sequencing workshop
      125. rick at GENEM Re: RE: Sequencher program for ABI373 data.
      120. BROE at AARDV Re: PCR sequencing with the ALF (Question).

and if you seach with 'alf', you get  > 120, but some are caused by
'alf' in the email address ...

have fun researching!



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