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Mike Cherry cherry at genome.Stanford.EDU
Wed Feb 9 13:07:51 EST 1994

> Can someone please tell me how to access old messages on this service?
> Many thanks,
>                                             -- John Menninger

To search and retrieve a message from the Yeast BioSci group you
can use gopher to genome-gopher.stanford.edu:

      4.  ...
 -->  5.  Saccharomyces Information/
      6.  ...

select item 5 then you will see:

 -->  14. Yeast BioSci Electronic Conference Archive Index <?>

Item 14 is an archive of just the Yeast information. You can search
for a message using any word contained in a message. If you are unsure
of the exact spelling of word usage you can add an asterick (*) to the
end of a work, unfortuately you cannot add the wildcard to the
beginning of the word. For a more restrictive search you can use the
modifiers AND and NOT, OR is assumed between words with AND and NOT
are absent.

This archive, like the others below, contains all message ever sent to
the Yeast group. This index is rebuilt every day at 4AM California


	chromosome and III
	cold and spring and harbor
	amino* and acid

Because you can search for any word contained in a message you can
also search for names of people or institutions.

To search all BioSci groups at one time point your gopher at
ftp.bio.indiana.edu and look in the Network-News folder. Or use the
topics list from genome-gopher.stanford.edu:

      7.  FTP Archives for Molecular Biology/
 -->  8.  Global Biological Information Servers by Topic/
      9.  Global Biological Information Servers


 -->  1.  BioSci and Other Electronic Publications/
      2.  Botanical Information/
      3.  DNA and Protein Sequence Databases/
      4.  Ecological Information/
      5.  General Information/
      6.  Genome Databases/
      7.  Human Genome Information/
      8.  Lists of Information/
      9.  Marine and Aquatic Biology/
      10. Medical Schools and Information/
      11. Microorganisms/
      12. National Institutes and Centers/
      13. Software Archives for Biology/
      14. Strain and Stock Centers/
      15. Structural Biology/
      16. University Departments, Organizations and Private Institutes/
      17. Virology Information/
      18. Zoological Information/


      4.  BioBit Archive, Oxford/
 -->  5.  BioSci Electronic Conference Archive, Indiana University Biology/
      6.  BioSci Electronic Conference Archive, IntelliGenetics/

For a WWW viewer use the URL:  "http://genome-gopher.stanford.edu/"

If you do not have Gopher but have access to ftp you can use the
Anonymous FTP server at net.bio.net. Login as anonymous and use your
e-mail address as the password. Then give the command: "cd
pub/BIOSCI/YEAST". You can then use the "dir" and "cd" commands to
move around the file archives, the "get" command will retrieve a file
to your computer.

Finally if you do not have Gopher or FTP then you can use waismail
from net.bio.net. For more information on this service send an e-mail
message to waismail at net.bio.net and include the single word help as
the body of the message. Leave the subject line blank.


J. Michael Cherry                       Internet: cherry at genome.stanford.edu
Project Manager                         Saccharomyces Genome Database
Stanford DNA Sequence & Tech. Center    Department of Genetics
Stanford University School of Medicine  Stanford, CA 94305-5120
Voice: 415-723-7541                     FAX: 415-723-7016

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