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New Saccharomyces Sequences 08/23/94

Mike Cherry cherry at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Tue Aug 23 08:49:32 EST 1994

SCCDC48     X56956     6485bp    DNA      PLN      17-AUG-1994
    S. cerevisiae CDC48 gene for cell cycle protein CDC48p.
    CDC48 gene; CDC48p protein; cell cycle control;
      cell division control.

SCHIABAKS   Z36548     9402bp    DNA      PLN      16-AUG-1994
    S.cerevisiae genes for histone H2B1, histone H2A1, adenylate
      kinase, ste9 protein.
    adenylate kinase; histone H2A1; histone H2B1; ste9 protein.

SCPGD1      Z26254     1833bp    DNA      PLN      17-AUG-1994
    S.cerevisiae PGD1 gene encoding poly-glutamine domain protein
      (46799 Da).
    PGD1 gene; poly-glutamine domain protein; transcription factor.

SCPRD1      X76504     3815bp    DNA      PLN      17-AUG-1994
    S.cerevisiae PRD1 gene.
    PRD1 gene; proteinase yscD; saccharolysin.

SCPROIS     X79379     1714bp    DNA      PLN      18-AUG-1994
    S.cerevisiae gene for proline isomerase.
    NPI46 gene; proline isomerase.

SCRPL19A    Z36751     2300bp    DNA      PLN      18-AUG-1994
    S.cerevisiae (S288C) rpl19A gene encoding ribosomal protein YL19.
    ribosomal protein YL19; rpl19A gene.

SCRRP3P     Z29488     4599bp    DNA      PLN      16-AUG-1994
    S.cerevisiae (FL100) gene for RRP3p.
    pre-rRNA processing; RRP3p.

SCSSA1      X12926 X01659     3335bp    DNA      PLN      17-AUG-1994
    Yeast DNA for SSA1 protein and tRNA-Pro gene (member of 70 kD heat
      shock protein family).
    heat shock protein; heat shock regulatory element; SSA1 protein;
      transfer RNA; transfer RNA-Pro.

SCSSA2      X12927     2123bp    DNA      PLN      17-AUG-1994
    Yeast DNA for SSA2 protein (member of 70kD heat shock protein
    heat shock protein; SSA2 protein.

SCSSB1G     X13713     2051bp    DNA      PLN      17-AUG-1994
    Yeast SSB1 heat shock cognate gene.
    heat shock protein; heat shock protein 70 cognate.

SCSUG1      X66400     1671bp    DNA      PLN      17-AUG-1994
    S.cerevisiae SUG1 gene.
    ATPase; sug1 gene.

SCU12786    U12786     1239bp    DNA      PLN      21-AUG-1994
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae Sigma1278b V-ATPase Vo complex 14 kDa
      subunit Vma7p (VMA7) gene, complete cds.

SCYTA10     X81066     3396bp    DNA      PLN      18-AUG-1994
    S.cerevisiae YTA10 gene.
    ATPase; YTA10.

SCYTA11     X81067     2968bp    DNA      PLN      18-AUG-1994
    S.cerevisiae YTA11 gene.
    ATPase; YTA11.

SCYTA12     X81068     2998bp    DNA      PLN      18-AUG-1994
    S.cerevisiae YTA12 gene.
    ATPase; YTA12.

SCYTA4      X81069     2429bp    DNA      PLN      18-AUG-1994
    S.cerevisiae YTA4 gene.
    ATPase; tRNA-Glu; YTA4.

SCYTA5      X81070     1971bp    DNA      PLN      18-AUG-1994
    S.cerevisiae YTA5 gene.
    ATPase; tRNA-Ser; YTA5.

SCYTA6      X81071     3405bp    DNA      PLN      18-AUG-1994
    S.cerevisiae YTA6 gene.
    ATPase; GCR1 gene; YTA6.

SCYTA7      X81072     4803bp    DNA      PLN      18-AUG-1994
    S.cerevisiae YTA7 gene.
    ATPase; YTA7.

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