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Sun Oct 17 12:54:36 EST 1993

Dear Yeast Net,
   I wish to set up experimental invasions of yeast populations
by transposons initially absent from those populations,
so I am looking for strains lacking Ty1 or Ty3.  Suzanne
Sandmeyer's lab has been kind enough to send me a Ty3-free
strain they constructed, but given the (apparently) large
number of wild-type isolates floating around, I would be
very interested to know whether anyone has a strain which
they happen to know or suspect lacks Ty1 or Ty3.  Ideally
they would also lack the solo delta or sigma elements, but
this is probably asking a bit much - my hope is to find
a strain which has never in its evolutionary history been
exposed to one of the Ty elements, rather than one that had
them and lost them.  Since I would then like to transform
any such strain with a galactose-inducible element, and induce it,
it would be great if such a strain was close enough genetically
to the standard lab ones that it could be transformed, was GAL+,
could sporulate, etc., but even if not, it would be a big help.
  Along the same lines, if anyone has any knowledge of
foreign transposons - i.e. maize, bacterial, or even Drosophila
transposons - being mobile in cerevisiae, I would love to
hear from them.  Thanks in advance.
                                   Cliff Zeyl
                                   B7JM at MUSICB.MCGILL.CA

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