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DNA, plasmid center ?

GIETZ at bldghsc.lan1.umanitoba.ca GIETZ at bldghsc.lan1.umanitoba.ca
Fri Oct 8 11:18:00 EST 1993

>I've just begun a yeast project in an Arabidopsis lab, and have a basic
>question about the most efficient way to get yeast libraries and plasmids.
>The Arabidopsis community has a DNA stock center for useful vectors,
>libraries and clones.  Is there a similar source for basic yeast DNA tools?
> Or is the best option simply to post on this network and hope some
>kind-hearted soul will take some time from a busy work day to send out
>My immediate needs are for a high copy number expression vector with URA3
>as the selectable marker, and for a genomic library suitable for a high
>copy suppressor screen also with URA as the selectable marker.

Hi Doug!
I would also like to welcome you to the world of Yeast molecular biology and
genetics.  I too have fashioned a number of useful yeast-e.coli shuttle 
vectors!  They contain yeast DNA sequences that have had a number of the 
six base restriction sites removed.  This makes the multicloning site of the
pUC19 e.coli backbone totally unique!!! Which comes in handy for many reasons.
They come in TRP1, URA3 and LEU2 flavors with multicopy, centromeric and
integrative derivatives.  They also come with constructed sequence files for 
loading into your collection of DNA sequences on your computer.

Check out the reference:  Gietz and Sugino, 1988, New yeast-Escherichia coli
shuttle vectors constructed with in vitro mutagenized yeast genes lacking
six-base pair restriction sites. GENE 74:527-534.   

If you would like copies please feel free to contact me and the e-mail
address below, and include your full snail mail address!

In addition to the vectors already mentioned in an earlier post
 (Bonneaud et al, 1991, yeast 7, p609- 615),
I should also mention the set of vectors made by Robert Sikorski while
in Phil Hieters lab.  See Genetics (1989) 122:19-27. These are made from
 the plasmid pBluescript.  Good Luck with your project!

Dan Gietz
R.Daniel Gietz Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Human Genetics
University of Manitoba
770 Bannatyne Ave, Rm 250
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3E 0W3
Tel.: (204)789-3458
Fax.: (204)786-8712
"Trying to do the Manitoba Thing"

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