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Sequence/restriction map of ura3-52

Dan Jacobson danj at welchdev.welch.jhu.edu
Mon Aug 30 13:01:43 EST 1993

In article <29AUG93.24010882.0234 at VM1.MCGILL.CA> B7JM <B7JM at MUSICB.MCGILL.CA> writes:
>Dear yeast netters,
>   I am a newcomer to S cerevisiae and would like to
>know, what is the best source for information such as
>the sequences or restriction maps of mutant (and wild-type)
>alleles that are in common use - e.g. ura3-52 and URA3?

Genbank will have some of these - I would guess not all as I doubt
that every allele has been sequenced :-).

>I imagine the sequences are in genbank somewhere, but is
>there some more specific source for these things?  Along
>the same line, is there an electronic catalogue of strains
>and their idiosyncracies?

A good source of information for this the ATCC data.  You can search
this by pointing your gopher client at merlot.welch.jhu.edu (soon to be
gopher.gdb.org) and selecting:

-->  12. Search Databases at Hopkins (Vectors, Promoters, NRL-3D, EST, OMIM/

 -->  6.  Culture Collections (ATCC, ECACC)/

   -->  1.  ATCC - The American Type Culture Collection/

    -->  6.  Fungi and Yeasts/

Where you'll see:

 -->  1.  Filamentous Fungi and Yeasts <?>
      2.  Media Formulations <?>

Search for 

ura3 and 52

and you'll get a list of strains - a typical entry is:


ATCC 52292


S.J. Silverman T14. Genotype: MATa ura3-52 ino1; phenotype: Canr.
Regulation of HIS4 gene (Mol. Cell. Biol. 2: 1212-1219, 1982).

Growth Conditions: Medium 1245  26C

Shipped: Freeze-dried.

Price Code: C


Now you have a Genotype, phenotype, citation and growth conditions.
To look up the Medium just select:

 -->  2.  Media Formulations <?>

and search for _


which finds the recipe:


ATCC Culture Medium 1245  YEPD


ATCC Yeast Extract, 10.0 g
Bacto-peptone (Difco 0118), 20.0 g
Glucose, 20.0 g
Bacto-agar (Difco 0140), 20.0 g
Distilled water, 1.0 L

If you've never heard of gopher just write me a note and I'll send you
some information to help get you started.

Best of luck,

Dan Jacobson

danj at welchgate.welch.jhu.edu

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