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Moderation, and a modest proposal

SLF notmyaddress at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 17 12:24:18 EST 2000

First of all, let us all thank Alan enormously for his efforts on behalf
of Bionet generally, and our newsgroup.  As is often the case,
efficient behind-the-scenes actors are seldom recognized for their
accomplishments, and we do need to recognize that the delightful
lack of "real" spam here is because thoughtful souls are tirelessly
working on our behalf.

Moderation is a lot of work--a LOT of it.  Not something that we take
lightly, and I think that we have in the past decided that we didn't want
a "formal" moderation, just a mechanism to remove the more egregious
posts and spam. If someone else wants to volunteer, that would be
grand, but I know that I have too little time to make this sort of commitment.

I have mixed feelings about the jobs issues.  Yes, they should be available,
but we easily run the risk of swamping ourselves with a LOT of job
ads that are very broadly mailed.  And that may not be the most effective
use of space and time. I know that I have stopped reading
newsgroups that include a vast excess of irrelevant material,
and I hesitate before we bury our signal under an excess of noise.

> Maybe Susan would
> let me know the consensus view?

dear Alan, you ascribe to me more knowledge than I own.  :-)

> I just remove the spam, I unashamedly
> admit that I don't have time to read the discussions :-)

Which has worked great so far.

My modest proposal is that we generate a brief FAQ, to be posted at the
beginning of each month, that among other things, directs job
seekers to the jobs.offered board.  I will (I'm a fool I know) volunteer
to write a draft FAQ, post it for comments on the women-in-bio web
page below, and on this newsgroup, and solicit views from the readership
of the board.  I take this liberty since Alan seems to think I have some
authority here.  :-)  If any of you have things that you think should be
in the FAQ,  let me know.   As the Nike advert says,  just do it.

By the way, it seems that posting via web interface can be more effective
than posting via newsgroup/news-server (except Netscape and the reply
function don't seem to get along for threading).  I recommend people
access the group via http://www.bio.net/hypermail/womenbio/

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