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a new moderator

Julia Frugoli jfrugol at CLEMSON.EDU
Mon Oct 16 15:01:04 EST 2000

Alan wrote:

I'm not sure who this "we" is. I am the sole moderator to my knowledge
and the above is my humble opinion. I will not be drawn further on
the subject.

May I take this thread as an opportunity to ask whether the group
wishes to propose another moderator for this list. I have been doing
it as a courtesy but would be delighted to step aside and let someone
whom the group feels more appropriate do so. I have considered
asking this for some time. Any volunteers should not be of a
sensitive disposition, moderation should not unduly favour any
particular worldwide timezone and should be a 7 day per week task.
Trusted stand-ins should be organised during any absence.

That is not a whinge. I moderate many other groups and will continue to
do so. Maybe I should have posted this to bionet.jobs.offered

Alan Bleasby

  Do not take offense, especially with my misspelling of your 
name-when I type fast, it happens.  My short answer is that I 
certainly don't want a new moderator unless someone else is dying to 
do it -not likely :)- and my post was not a complaint about the 
moderation of the group, it was a question.

Many of us are well aware of the job load that moderating poses, and 
most would not like to take it on. So please do not feel 
unappreciated!  please understand that even for constant readers and 
posters, the moderators and the enablers (the bionet people) remain 
anonymous. A few years ago we discussed on the list whether to 
moderate and how to moderate, and I was curious if the decision had 
been made then about what was appropriate-I can't remember.  If it 
had been made, I was also curious as to why.  For lack of a better 
term for the newsgroup denizens, I use the term "we". Since faculty 
job announcements used to appear on the group, and since many of the 
moderated newsgroups (arabidopsis comes to mind) post lots of job 
announcements, I wouldn't have thought of them as inappropriate and 
so I assumed that people having trouble getting their job listings 
posted where having newsgroup problems.  IMHO, they are appropriate 
to the newsgroup.

I'm not sure what you mean by "I will not be drawn further into the 
subject"-did you mean to say as moderator you have the final say on 
what's appropriate?  If that's the case and faculty job ads are not 
permitted, could we as individual posters make postings directing 
people to websites where the job ads are?  I know there will be 
several job openings in my department in the next few years, and I 
would dearly love to encourage female applicants-calling attention to 
them here somehow would be good.  I know the party that approached me 
about not being able to get their job listed on women-in-bio was 
doing it for the same reason.

Any light you can shed on how to approach this would be appreciated 
by myself and other newsgroup subscribers and readers, I'm sure.

Julia Frugoli
Asst. Professor
Biological Sciences
Clemson University
132 Long Hall
Clemson, SC 29634

PHONE (864) 656-1859
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