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Equity v. parity

Julia Frugoli jfrugoli at bio.tamu.edu
Thu Jul 27 13:49:49 EST 2000

>Julia Frugoli wrote:
>> >Is Dr. Delmar's article in C&E News available online somewhere?  It'd be a
>> >good read.
>>  It's the editorial in the March 13, 2000 edition.  It's available on line
>> at
>> http://pubs.acs.org/cgi-bin/bottomframe.cgi?7811contents
>> but you can access it only if you belong to ACS and have a member number.
>Any chance you can copy and paste it here? I'd love to read it. 
1) it's unethical without copyright permission


2)I'm not a ACS member-I have a photocopied version from a friend.

However, every ACS member gets C&E News, (and maybe the library?) so
hopefully you can track one down.  If anyone is an ACS member and the online
version has the copyright attached, you could post it for us.

I got my issue of Science yesterday and read the article Susan talked about
and quite frankly, I think the sidebar is bull.  The idea that women self
select out of science because it's a theoretical field and women only like
"people-oriented" fields can be disputed by the fact that, as has been
discussed on this list, a lot of science is people.  Running a lab, getting
along with people of all sorts, networking, presenting, etc are all people
skills and a bigger part of being a successful scientist than we care to
admit.  And while high school girls who score high on the SATs in math don't
choose science as a career, I think that has lots more to do with role
models than with an innate biological predisposition.  How many boys dream
of being housewives?  Does that mean they are innately unqualified to run a
home?  No-they just don't imagine it because they don't have a role model to

I found it interesting that the "balanced" high scorers-those with high
scores in BOTH verbal and math, rarely chose science as a career, no matter
what gender.  It think this says something about the dysfunctional nature of
science, as perceived by bright people.  Perhaps women are opting out
because we're smarter after all :).

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