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30 min incubation

Sarah King bapk5 at central.susx.ac.uk
Wed May 28 13:30:11 EST 1997

I've been a lurker on this site for ages and today loads of people
appear to have come out of the woodwork so Ithought I would do.  I'm
tired I want to go home, I should be writing my thesis in between
experiments, but I'm doing a minor bit of procastinating instead ( I'm
in the final stages of completing my PhD.  In response to a couple of
the threads that are happening at the moment:-
Crying- my bank manager managed to wind me up to the point of tears the
other day on the phone.  This was very annoying as all my intentions of
being assertive and getting my point across went to pieces. When I get
very angry it always seems to manifest itself in tears.  I do prefer
this to violence, but also find it quite incapacitating and wish that I
was able to control it.  Luckily it doesn't happen very often.
	-another thing that that thread made me think of.  My supervisor
has a very annoying habit of complimenting me on things by saying "Good
man!". I find this pretty sexist and the first time was so shocked I
didn't reply.  The next time I said something like "Great compliment,
cheers" in my most sarcastic voice.  Can any one come up with a suitable
retort for this apart from sitting him down and having a discussion
about sexism in the workplace?  At the moment I don't have the time or
the energy for that.

Anyway apart from that I reckon the new networking idea is pretty cool. 
I'm not going to any conferences in the near future though so I won't
see any of you there.  I will be applying for jobs in the States soon
however so I may see if any of you work in the places I want to go.  I'm
still in the process of investigating where those might be.  My PhD is
molecular neuroscience, cloning genes, looking at expression by
antibodies, in situ's etc.  At the moment I'm working on locusts
(grasshoppers to you lot in the States!) but think I will probably move
on to a higher organism, one that has a few more jobs linked to it.

Enough of my waffle, my incubation time is just about up, so I'm going
to get back to the bench and go home sooner!

Sarah King
PhD student at the Sussex Centre for Neuroscience, in Sussex University
in Brighton, England
S.L.King at Sussex.ac.uk


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