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vacation (and other annoying posts)

Megan megan at ucla.edu
Thu Feb 6 19:27:49 EST 1997

>On 6 Feb 1997, EddieJK wrote:
>> Be careful about replying in the manner they say, if you want this off the
>> newsgroup and not be personally harrassed
>> --As I understand it, solicitors often use these replies to add your email
>> address to even more lists!
>Doesn't work anyhow. I tried replying only to the sender. It bounced back 
>"user unknown". 
Try mailing a message to "postmaster at dave-world.net" as this is the address
the message was posted from and the message ID also has this domain name in
it.  Be sure to send a copy of the offending message, with full headers if

Below is a message I send out regularly to administrators of site which are
used by people to post annoying sales gimmicks to me or to newsgroups.  I
just change the vital info in the 2nd paragraph, and send.

Hi administrator,

The following junk email is being posted to our newsgroup, costing us time
and money. Such email is *NOT* ok. It is a violation of Netiquette, and is
extremely rude. I *strongly* object to the involuntary shifting of their
business costs on to others. There are appropriate forums for such messages
in the news (the biz. newsgroups) and on the web (easily found with web
searches) and if a significant fraction of companies on the net start using
email for broadcasts (one off or otherwise) it will become useless.

The email is from jnb at net.bio.net, though I believe this to be a fake
address.  The posting host is m12bmi.dave-world.net, and the message ID is
32f97a03.0 at nt.dave-world.net.

Please give them a warning as it probably contravenes your acceptable use
policy. If it's premeditated or a repeat offender I request that you
cancel their account.

Does your acceptable use policy:

- warn users about unacceptable net behavior?
- ban net abuse such as unsolicited junk email broadcasts & newsgroup spams?
- ban the use of your services as a mail drop or name server for spams
  from throwaway accounts on other sites?
- allow you to immediately suspend an account on reasonable suspicion
  whilst it is investigated and to terminate the account if proven?
- allow you to charge an offender for any costs incurred in dealing with it?

A good AUP saves you time and aggravation. For details see an informative
article by Chris Lewis: <http://kryten.eng.monash.edu.au/gspam.html#isp>


Megan Igo
megan at ucla.edu

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