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mynlieffm at vms.csd.mu.edu mynlieffm at vms.csd.mu.edu
Tue Feb 4 13:05:55 EST 1997

In article <199702040011.QAA96184 at rho.ben2.ucla.edu>, megan at ucla.edu (Megan) writes:
>At 11:31 PM 2/3/97 GMT, Kylie Shanahan wrote:
><lots snipped>
>> It really makes me wonder if I'll ever 
>>succeed in science, or even if I *want* to, if I'm going to be constantly 
>>fighting against that kind of institutional ignorance.

>Dont get out of science just because it is dominated by "ignorant" men!!! I

>I feel (hope!) that this discrepancy will be diminished.  It is my
>impression that younger men are more aware of womens issues in hiring, and
>the old "ignorant" ones will eventually retire and move out of the system -
>they can't live forever!!  And of course, this gets us back to the leaky
>pipeline discussion, because the more women there are around, the less
>likely it is that women candidates will be dropped from the short lists, or
>not invited to speak, at least without one of the women speaking up about it
>(as was the case you described).  If we all leave, it will take that much
>longer to accomplish this.  Of course, there are many other, more personal
>reasons to leave academic science, I just hope we dont leave because of old
>ignorant men who are afraid of intelligent women.

In my department it is the "oldest" men who are actually the most tolerant. 
Their own daughters are now my age and struggling with a lot of the same issues
as I am.  This has opened their eyes a bit.  One of the other faculty members
even has a daughter on the faculty in another department.  She has 3 kids and
he helps her out if one gets sick or she needs someone to pick them up from the
campus daycare (her husband works on the other side of town).  Although it is
another department it is also a "science" department so she is dealing with
grants and papers etc.  People who knew him 10 years ago say he wasn't always
this way.  Now if only the slightly younger male faculty would catch up.


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