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C.J. Fuller cjfuller at mindspring.com
Wed Aug 20 07:16:13 EST 1997

In article <A7DDB32371 at bio.tamu.edu>, JFRUGOLI at BIO.TAMU.EDU ("Julia
Frugoli") wrote:

>This tells me two things:
>1) NIH thinks that <26K is not a reasonable wage, yet they pay that when 
>they can get away with it.
>2) NIH considers people with PhDs and publications less valuable than 
>people with MDs who are blurry on how to set up a good experiment.
>I'm sure I've insulted all the MDs and half of NIH, so I'll go get my 
>asbestos underwear, but I wanted to make the point that if we look at 
>policy, it's not just "society" at large that doesn't value a research 
>PhD-it's NIH itself! 
>Julia Frugoli
>Dartmouth College
Julia-I had to fight in my inhouse postdoc at UT-Southwestern at Dallas to
get 26K/y.  My dept had an interesting way to pay postdocs less than
that-use a preponderance of international postdocs.  That way,it could get
MD's for 19-21K.  For a time, I was the only US citizen postdoc in the
dept.  I like to think the dept got their money's worth out of me, since I
have 7 original papers in print and two out for review from my time there.

Cindy Fuller

C.J. Fuller
<mailto:cjfuller at erickson.uncg.edu>
<mailto:cjfuller at mindspring.com>

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