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Sabine Dippel sabine at hlrz28.zam.kfa-juelich.de
Thu Aug 14 12:33:04 EST 1997

In article <1245481214081997.A12515.CERES.11B873302800*@MHS>,
apallas at ARSERRC.GOV (APALLAS) writes:
|> Hey everyone...
|> It sounds like I shouldn't be wasting my time getting my Ph.D. because I'm 
|> going to be stuck in a dead-end postdoc job for the rest of my life, or
|> teaching in some insignificant school, rather when I can go into research 
|> and get paid more, although under |> some PI, with my simple BS degree, 
|> since I probably will never get to be a PI with a Ph.D. because of the lack 
|> of jobs.
|> 	...is this what people are saying...get out while I can? Stick with 
|>      a simple 	     BS or MS?
|> Alicia
|> apallas at ARSERRC.Gov
|> US Dept. of Agriculture
|> Philadelphia, PA

Well, that's what people over in sci.research.careers are saying all the time.
I am in the last stages of my PhD (writing it up, bored with it, and therefore
posting here too much), I entered it with the idea of keeping up doing research
for a while and finding out if it's really a career for me (admittedly, here
graduate school lasts only approximately 3 years - at least in this institute).
I still haven't decided yet what to do - right now I'm simply writing job 
applications (industry and academic) to figure out if there's a job in industry
I would like. 

Definitely, I cannot speak for biology. I am a physics graduate, now in an 
institute dedicated to "doing physics with BIG computers" (which is why we
are called super computing center), and all PhDs graduating here in the last
3 years got jobs - of all sorts, mainly related to computing in some way, though
not doing much programming - they all had a lot of responsibility after 1 year
on their job. So I am not too worried (only about the question if I am going
to have bigger problems finding a job because I am a woman approaching 30 -
scares some companies that you might hear your biological clock tick), and I
am glad I did my PhD. I had a great time - because I did it for the love of 
it. And who knows, maybe I'll even stay in science ;-)


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