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PhD Position for Woman?

Megan megan at ucla.edu
Mon Sep 23 12:16:15 EST 1996

It is never IMPOSSIBLE to get a job in science, it just depends on what she
is interested in doing.  She can probably explain to interested parties that
she had a disagreement or problem interacting with her previous boss, and
that should explain the letter. Lots of people have problems getting along
with their boss, so it is not unheard of for people to get unimpressive
letters.  she should explain this to prospective employers before they read
the letter though.

Your friend is a MD,PhD, i think it unlikely that she would find it too
terribly difficult to get a job here in the US...  she may not be able to
find a faculty position right off, but she could do a post doc type position
for a few years, and then with the aid of that person she could likely get a
nice faculty position.  she has papers, and several  of them.  she could get
more in a postdoc and that would help too.  

Also, i noticed that in her CV she writes that she is married and has a
child.  This is not necessary information and may in some cases be
detrimental.  It is not the business of a prospective employer (at least in
the United States) whether or not you are married or have children, or
whther you plan to.  In fact, it is against the law for a prospective
employer to ask these questions.  She is free to volunteer this info, but it
is illegal for them to ask.  (that doesnt mean that the questions are not
asked, it just means it is not legal for them to do so.) 

At 12:01 PM 9/23/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello, Everybody!
>	A very special problem. My former collaborater (woman) thinks that her
>career is over. She started as a Medical Doctor and worked in the clinic
>about 10 years. Then she started her PhD in Molecular Biology and
>succesfully finisched it in three years. She had a confrontation with
>her boss, that is why now she can not get an adecvate letter of
>recommendation from him, she has exellent recommendations from other
>scientist of the same institute. Also, because of the same reason, she
>was boosted out of the author list of some papers (the same had happened
>to me two years ago), that is why her publication list doesn`t look
>great (1 paper in BJC, 1 review in Molecular biology, Russian -
>submitted, I guess 2 more papers submitted to other Englisch speaking
>journals, and 5 short communications). 
>	So, the question is: Is it really impossible to find position for her,
>somewhare in US, Canada or Europe, or it is absolutely impossible.
>	I`m going to help her in looking for position, but she is so
>disappointed, that I also startin to think so.
>	Also, if anybody can help me, I will be very grateful.
>	I`m enclosing her CV here. It`s not complete, there are no submitted
>papers and few short communications.
>Alexei Gratchev
>Abt. Gastroenterologie, AG Prof. Hanski,
>Universitatklinikum Benjamin Franklin,
>Hindenburgdamm 30,
>12200 Berlin, GERMANY.
>Tel: +49 030 8445-2496
>FAX: +49 030 8445-4141
>E-mail: alexei at zedat.fu-berlin.de
>NAME: Samoylova 		FIRST NAMES: Ella Vladimirovna
>DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: December, 31, 1961, Arkchangelsk, Russia.
>PERSONAL: Married, one child.
>1986 - M.Med. (Medicine)
>1992 - M.D. (Physician)
>1996 - Ph.D. (Experimental Oncology)
>1980 - 1986 - student, State Medical Academy, Archangelsk, Russia.
>1990 - 1992 - post-graduater-ordinator, Department of Hospital`s
>Therapy, Arkhangelsk State Medical Academy, Russia (Therapy).
>1992 - 1996 (V) - post-graduater, Dept. of Tumour Transforming Genes,
>Cancer Research Centre, Moscow, Russia (Experimental oncology).
>Diploma with high distiction from Archangelsk State Medical Academy.
>1987 - doctor in turn, Municipal Hospital, Department of Faculty`s
>Therapy, State Medical Academy, Arkhangelsk, Russia (Therapy).
>1987 - 1990 - cardiologist, Department of cardiology in Regional
>Hospital, Arkhangelsk, Russia.
>1992 - 1996 (V) - post-graduater, Dept. of Tumour Transforming Genes,
>Cancer Research Centre, Moscow, Russia (Experimental oncology).
>RESULTS OF OWN RESEARCH were presented at the Conference: 
>1994 - 2nd International Congress of Papillomavirus on Human Pathology,
>Paris, France; at the 14 International Papillomavirus Conference,
>Quebec, Canada, 1995; 
> MAILING ADDRESS: Karl-Fischer-Weg 2, App.805, 12169 Berlin, Germany.
>1.E.Samoylova, A.Gratchev, S.Petrov, G.Shaikhaiev. Consensus and type
>specific amplification in studying of HPV infection in women with
>cervical cancer in Russia. Book of Abstr. of 2nd Intern.Congress of
>Papillomavirus in Human Pathology, Paris, France, 112, 1994.
>2.E.Samoylova, G.Shaikhaiev, S.V.Petrov, N.Kisseljova and F.Kisseljov.
>HPV infection in cervical cancer cases in Russia. International Journal
>of Cancer, 1995, in press.
>3.F.Kisseljov, E.Samoylova, L.Semjonova, V.Kozachenko, M.Kozachenko,
>E.Makarov, N.Kisseljova. HPV infection in patients from Russia with
>cervical lesions and tumors. 14 International Papillomavirus Conference,
>Quebec, Canada, 1995.
>Prof.Alexander G. Tatosyan
>Dept. of Tumour Transforming Genes,
>Cancer Research Centre, Kashirskoye sh., 24, Moscow, 115478, Russia.
>Tel: (095) 324-1764
>FAX: (095) 324-1205
>Dr. Olga A.Mizenina
>Dept. of Tumour Transforming Genes,
>Cancer Research Centre, Kashirskoye sh., 24, Moscow,115478, Russia.
>Tel: (095) 324-1764
>FAX: (095) 324-1205
>Dr. Oleg A.Pavlish, Ph.D.,
>Laboratory of Viral Carcinogenesis,
>Cancer Research Centre,
>Kashirskoye sh., 24, Moscow,115478, Russia.
>Tel: (095) 323-5755
>FAX: (095) 324-1205

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