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creation in the schools

Karen Allendoerfer ravena at cco.caltech.edu
Sun Sep 8 17:23:25 EST 1996

In article <322D9CDC.4D20 at salk.edu>, forsburg at salk.edu wrote:

> The anti-evolution forces do seem to have a very smooth media 
> presence.  Some time ago I was channel surfing at a poor TV time 
> (late on Saturday afternoon or something) and stumbled across a 
> creationist propaganda TV show with Charlton Heston, I think, 
> discussing the creationist dogma. Footprints and that.
>  It was on a local tv station, I think a network affiliate
>   (okay, so it is San Diego, again) and it was thoroughly repulsive. 
>  It was broadcast as though it were real--very smooth, as you 
> would see a nature documentary, with an air of authority that is 
> of course entirely spurious.    I only watched a couple of minutes, 
> which I regret because I should  have watched the whole disgusting 
> thing and written a letter of irate complaint to the station.

   I think this is the show, "Mysterious Origins of Mankind," that I wrote
about in an earlier post. It's interesting that you mention Charlton
Heston, because he's not always an enemy of biologists.  He's also been an
outspoken supporter of biomedical research against the radical "animal
rights" movement that wants to stop research using animals.  I believe
that Heston has leant his likeness and name to some pro-research
brochures, perhaps from the Foundation for Biomedical Research.  He takes
the tack that "biomedical research using animals benefits human health" in
his arguments.

> I have met people who teach in denominational colleges and they 
> have told me that many of their students refuse to even consider
> alternative points of view;  they don't need to hear anything about
> evolution becuase they already know "it isnt right".  Their minds 
> are COMPLETELY closed.  How can we fight against that?

   It seems to me if this is the case, that perhaps college is too late. 
It argues for the need for scientists to be involved in their local school
boards to make sure that students have a chance to consider evolution on
its own merits before they have already made up their minds.


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