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Babies of graduate students in biology

Linden Higgins linden at MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU
Thu Oct 17 08:30:16 EST 1996

>When a post doc is written into a grant you usually put in fringe benefits as
>well.  Disability pay is a fringe benefit so depending on the policies of a
>University the post doc may or may not qualify.  When one pays into a
>disability policy (either directly themselves or by means of fringe benefits
>paid by their employer) isn't all of the money collected from all of the
>employees and pooled.  Then when one employee needs disability leave (that is
>how our university handles maternity leave - as a disability) they are paid
>from this pool of money not from the normal "salary pool".  Under these
>circumstances it wouldn't come directly from the PI's grant.  Or am I
>Michelle Mynlieff
>Dept. of Biology
>Marquette University

The way the grants work can be mysterious -- I discovered that I had an
enormous amount of sick and vacation time built up as I entered the last
year on my grant.  Thinking that I could stretch the money a bit (as I was
pregnant & would deliver in the summer, and wanted insurance coverage as
wwell as some income), I started taking "vacations" of a week or so every
so often during the school year -- turns out that the amount of money
coming from the grant for my salary was almost unchanged;  a tiney bit of
disability moneys were added in each month I took a weeks "vacation" or
sick time, but not nearly as much as what was coming from the grant for my

The remainder of Michelle's message discussed family leave policies - our
experience (my spouse is tenured w/ 10 yrs, and a huge amount of "vacation"
and sick leave accumulated) was that at least here, no one knew how to
handle his request for paternity leave - there was no written policy.  The
information he was given at first from the Personel Office was completely
wrong (3 weeks max), and it took a bit of manuvering to get to use the sick
leave for paid paternity leave.  Since then, the university has established
a written policy, but the fammily leave portion of it is still confusing.


Linden Higgins, Ph.D.
Dept. of Zoology,
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX  78712
linden at mail.utexas.edu

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