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Posts from Mr. Y. Chan

Mr. W.Y. Chan wahchan at liverpool.ac.uk
Thu Mar 28 03:55:38 EST 1996

dr._margaret_martens at FTDETRCK-CCMAIL.ARMY.MIL wrote:
: Megan, Julia and others,

: I know I have said this before, but it seems worth repeating.  I have met Mr. 
: Chan before on other (non-science) newsgroups.  His reply here is typical of his
: comments on those newsgroups - inflammatory, sexist, racist, homophobic, etc.  I
: have seen him wreak havoc in those newsgroups and feel that the best response to
: him is to ignore him.  Hopefully if he doesn't get the rise he is looking for he
: will go away and play somewhere else.  He has certainly shown no signs of being 
: educable.

: Margaret

Hi Margaret,
	I do not recall ever meeting you before, certainly not someone
of your name (unless you were known under a different name) and certainly
you have no right to make such redicilous remarks about me. If you dont like
me that fine but I see no reason to your behaviour which I consider
offensive and unfounded. My previouse answer to someone in this newgroup
unfortunately provoked a few strong replies from others and I welcome
their argument and subsequently apologised to whoever else misinterpreted
my statement, and I have also apologised to you, my dear, but I find it sad
that you have to wage a hate campaign against me for commenting on something
you did not like to see. If you have any greviences then speak to me via
private email, I think people in this newsgroup deserve the chance to make
up their own mind without your intrusive behaviour thankyou very much.


PS. Why did you reattached my comment which you took offense but did not
attach my apology statement to you?

: ______________________________ Reply Separator _________________________________
: Subject: Re: WOMEN & COMPUTING
: Author:  megan at UCLA.EDU (Megan Igo) at Internet-Mail
: Date:    3/26/96 14:34
: (snipped portions)
: I am a bit annoyed by the ignorance and blatant sexism demonstrated by Mr. 
: W.Y. Chan, if he is right, then no woman should be permitted to do science 
: in any field, because they have no determination, are not logical thinkers, 
: and are not versatile in the ability to perform scientific research.  Hmmm. 
: Maybe they shouldnt be permitted to vote either?  Or own land?  Just a 
: sarcastic thought.
: Megan
: Graduate Student
: UCLA Department of Microbiology and Immunology 
: megan at ucla.edu

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