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Coscolluela Eileene ecoscoll at ux7.cso.uiuc.edu
Thu Mar 7 15:53:57 EST 1996

Gert Jan Gast (gjgast at nioz.nl) wrote:
: Sorry, but again this non-english speaking person is a little at 
: a loss here. Could anybody please explain what is covered by this 
: term and when it's used?

	It depends on whom you ask.  Transgenderism is a term to describe
	people like transsexuals, transvestites (heterosexual men who
	dress up in women's clothing for some sort of sexual excitement
	or gratification), drag queens (gay men who dress up in women's 
	clothing for entertainment purposes), people to tend to look
	androgynous... I recently attended a workshop on transgenderism
	and the above definitions are the "clinical" ones.  The term
	seems to be very very new and the exact definition changes on whom
	you ask.  In my particular case, it was one of the councellors/nurses
	at the McKinley Health Center on the University of Illinois campus.

: However, this being 
: generalisations, women are not restricted to feminine traits nor 
: are man to masculine ones. 

	Transgenderism strives to break down "feminine" and "masculine"
	traits.  A biological male feels that he has identified all of
	his life as a woman.  What then?  Does this individual be
	restricted from "women's only" spaces?  What about "men only"

: The problem is that not all traits are regarded as equal and that 
: both men and women are expected to live up to the category 
: they're placed in. 

	Which is what Transgenderism tries to break down.  People
	who are in the fight for transgenderism try to break free of
	the expectations that their biological sex has given them.
	Not just the expectations, but sometimes break free OF that
	biological sex constraint.

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