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Wildlife Biometrics Computer 1 CORTEVIL at wildlife.dnr.state.mi.us
Tue Mar 5 09:00:44 EST 1996

first of all, if you had read my entire message you would have seen the 
very first two lines which gave my real name and e-mail address along 
with a reason why the address and name to Cortevil was not correct.
Read it again if you would like to know who I am and how to reach me 
Second, out of all of the things I had to say, you focused on one small 
word...come on people, didn't you read what I had to say? Stop focusing 
on words and start listening to the messages...I did not * out the word 
lesbian because it is offensive to me or because I think anyone else 
would find it offensive. I * it out because in the context in which it 
was said to me, it was MEANT to be offensive. It was meant then as an 
insult. I do not find it to be an insult, and when "accused" (as they 
meant to do) of being a lesbian, I do not vehemently deny it and then in 
the same breath say "But there's nothing wrong with being a lesbian, if 
that's what you want." If they want to think that I am a lesbian because 
I am tomboyish, let them think it.. it doesn't bother me. In that way 
their "attempted insult" failed. That is what I was trying to convey in 
my message- it's only an insult if you let it be an insult. I read 
someone's message this morning saying that the comment about "women 
barefoot and pregnant" makes some women extremely angry and others (like 
me) just laugh about it. Some people may believe that it is a true 
comment about women's place in the world, but what someone that ignorant 
about the world says about women is truly insignificant. Live your life 
the best you can (in all the unfairness that exists in today's world) and 
try your best to make it better for those who will come after us. As a 
woman, I am doing the best I can by doing what I want to do with my life 
and ignoring those who think women have no place here. And I am trying to 
make the path easier for the women who want to do the same things that I 
do. I don't complain that I have it hard because of men...but instead 
make sure that I am doing the best possible job I can so that I am as 
good as or better than the men who do the same job. That way I will leave 
the impression that women can do as well as ( or better than ) men, 
instead of "women want to do the same things as men, yet expect to have 
easier rules". We have enough of that stereotype going around- that we 
claim we want the same rights as men, yet complain when we don't 
have the ability to do something by saying "I'm just a female". I am 
never "just a.." anything.
 I would also like to see the stereotype that you have to be a really 
nasty b*tch in order to succeed as a woman in the workplace disappear. 
Stop being so competitive or critical of every other woman who is trying 
to succeed/or is successful, and congratulate her. You are not in 
competition with her. She is helping the image that woman are successful.
 And before any woman who is not in the workplace accuses me of saying 
that women who do not have a paying job are not successful, let me tell 
you that one of the most successful women I know, works at home as a 
mother and works hard at developing herself as an individual. She has 
made an absolute success of it, and I hope someday to feel as confidant 
as a mother and individual as she is.
Anyway, did I answer your questions?

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