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Coscolluela Eileene ecoscoll at students.uiuc.edu
Mon Mar 4 16:33:48 EST 1996

Ms. S.J. Rickard (srickard at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk) wrote:
: I am aware that many minority groups "reclaim" words such as queer, dyke 
: even nigger and I think that it's a good thing. However if you aren't a 
: member of the minority then it can be offensive to use these reclaimed 
: words, so you have to be very careful. I think people should be able to 
: call themselves whatever they want to, or not at all if they so wish.

	The problem is that even though there are groups that WILL
	reclaim those words, there will always be members of that
	group that will find those words still offensive.  I know
	many gays and lesbians that find the term "queer" very offensive
	to them, although in my experiences, the community in general
	does not find them offensive.

	How does one then work so that they will not offend?  It is
	practically an impossibility.

	Along the same lines, there are women who will always be 
	offended by the "women in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant"
	lines and there will be some women who find it very funny
	and amusing.

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