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Survey: Women's self-esteem

Kathi Younker katherine.m.younker at jpl.nasa.gov
Sat Mar 2 22:46:32 EST 1996

Hello my name is Shante¹ and I am on the web for my 8th grade science 
project.  My research paper is about women and their feelings about 
themselves.  None of the information I am requesting will ever be used 
for anything except my science project.  Your name will never be stated 
and never will be asked for.  I will be graphing the results I get from 
the survey to add with my report.  Since I am trying to get an accurate 
survey completed, please be honest.  It would be appreciated if you 
would fill out this survey and return it to me via my mom¹s email at 
katherine.m.younker at jpl.nasa.gov by Friday, March 8, 1996.

Your time and cooperation is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


1.	Age range:
______	12 - 15
______	16 - 20
______	21 - 30
______	31 - 40
______	41 - 50
______	51+

2.	Ethnic group:
______	African American
______	Asian
______	Hispanic
______	Native American
______	European American
______	Other  _______________

3.	Weight:
______	under 100 lbs
______	100 - 125 lbs
______	125 - 150 lbs
______	150 - 200 lbs
______	200 - 225 lbs
______	225 - 250 lbs
______	250+ lbs

4.	What color eyes do you have?

5.	What color hair do you have?

6.	Tell three aspects you like and three aspects you don¹t like about 
your body?

Like:	1)

Dislike:	1)

7.	Describe your feelings about your body?

8.	How do you feel about your weight?

9.	Do you consider yourself overweight?	 ______	Yes	______	No

10.	Do you consider yourself underweight?	______	Yes	______	No

11.	If you could change one thing about your body what would it be?

12.	What do you thing makes a woman look beautiful (on the outside)?  

13.	If you could change one thing about your inside, what would you 
change?   Why?

14.	Have you every dyed your hair?	______	Yes	______	No

15.	If you have dyed your hair, why?

16.	Does your mood reflect how you think you look that day?

17.	Do you often take time to plan what you will wear and coordinate 
your wardrobe before getting dressed?

18.	Do you make negative comments about your body or the way you look?

19.	Is it difficult for you to accept compliments about your body or the 
way you look?

20.	Can you think of occasions where you felt really good about how you 
looked?  Where you felt not so good?  When?  Why?

21.	Are you self-conscious about some parts of your body?  Which 

22.	Do you worry about your weight?	______	Yes	______	No

23.	If I asked you to describe yourself, do the positives outnumber the 
	______	Yes	______	No

24.	A friend says look great on a morning when you feel like yesterday¹s 
mashed potatoes.  	You:
______	a.  Figure she¹s just being nice.
______	b.  Wonder what she wants.
______	c.  Tell her, ³Thanks, I needed that.²
______	d.  Quickly touch on more makeup before she takes a closer look.

25.	After a promising job interview, you don¹t, alas, get an offer.  
What to do?
______	a.  Tell yourself it¹s too bad you weren¹t what they wanted.
______	b.  Try to figure out where the interview went wrong.
______	c.  Consult a career counselor‹maybe you act needs polishing.
______	d.  Wonder why you even bothered meeting with people so clearly          
           lacking in judgment.

26.	The men/boys you love/like tend to be:
______	a.  Difficult.
______	b.  Attractive, but unavailable.
______	c.  Desirable in every sense of the word.
______	d.  Nice enough men/boys who¹s main asset is their devotion to 

27.  Additional comments:  

Thanks again for your time and trouble.

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