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help again!

Ellie Ettehadieh eettehad at direct.ca
Mon Jun 17 20:12:46 EST 1996

In article <1996Jun12.134642.10625 at alw.nih.gov>,
rachelle at picard.niehs.nih.gov (Rachelle J. Bienstock) wrote:

> When you are applying for a postdoc or an academic position, you are
> ususally asked to send or have letters of recommendation sent on your
> behalf.  When you apply for a position in industry, it is usually customary to
> either say "references available on request" on your resume or to list the
> name and affliation of a reference and the phone number on your resume.
> Usually, in the industrial situation, your references will only be called after
> you have been interviewed and they are interested in you.  In the academic
> situation the references are used at the beginning of the review process.
> I agree with all the advice given:  It is quite common for somewhere in your
> career to come across a supervisor with whom you have a conflict.  Either do not
> use that person as a reference, or if you feel you must use that person, include
> others who are familiar with you and your work and will speak positively about
> you.
> Usually you ask a person first if they are willing to serve as a reference for
> you.  My feeling is that if a person feels that they can not positively recommend
> you for a position they should be up front and say that they cannot be a
> reference for you rather than say something negative. 
> rachelle

Thanks for all the suggestions.  I spoke with couple of proffs whom I knew
since their post doc years and they both agreed that they would be
references for me and will explain the situation to whoever calls them. 
Also the head of the dept agreed to explain it as well, this was in
reaction to an e.mail that I recieved from my boss; needless to say the
letter made no sense and that was enough to convince the head.

Right now my supervisor will not agree to have a defence unless I give him
all my note books and autorads "right now" and since I don't trust him and
am very worried about giving him all that I have, I have decided to hold
back untill after the defence and that in itself is causing a whole bunch
of other problems.

He will not pay for printing of my figures and he says even if I pay for
them myself he still will not allow a defence.

Anyhow, I hope someday my really insane experiences in this very insane lab
will be over.


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