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multiple moves

Shera Cave ladywolf at halcyon.com
Mon Jun 17 21:41:20 EST 1996

DK frothed:  (yes, DK, it's me again, with a new hobby)

 Since more often than not I hurt myself
>rather that hurt others I do not see myself falling within this

I can see why.  You are hurting yourself right now.  When you hurt other 
people by tromping all over their feelings, they tend to lose their regard for 
you, and that hurts.

>>shoud be more aware of cultural differences.  I have been on the>East coasst 
for the last two decades and have learned to modify my>behaviour in order to 
>keep my sanity. 

Have you considered being yourself, instead of modifying your behavior "to be 
more feminine," or to be more East Coast-ish?  Ah, but if you did that, you 
would have to take responsibility for the bile that you spew out on the 
usenet, and that wouldn't do at all, no, no, no.

>Would like to give me a list of what words I should use and not use?

No.  I would just like to see you spell them correctly.

>Yes, these words out of context are certainly not P.C.  It is
>certainly not "white bread", "professional", "refined", "feminine",
>etc. but it is what I am and I do post here. 

Gasp!  White bread!  Now, that, I didn't know about these people.  Well, hmm, 
I'm going to have to give this some very serious thought.  I just don't know 
about white bread.

Now, feminine is something *I* have never been accused of.  How about me, DK?  
Am I feminine, too?  Aw, come on, please don't tell me I resemble a *female.*  

You know, I've been indulging both of us.  I've never actually seen someone 
beg to be flamed before, and I'm glad I've been able to oblige.  At the same 
time, it has been an amusing experience for me.  But I don't know, something's 
missing...   Oh, yes!  Biology!


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