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minority women in science

Linnea Ista lkista at UNM.EDU
Thu Jun 13 12:15:29 EST 1996

On Wed, 12 Jun 1996, Susan Jane Hogarth wrote:

> Linnea Ista wrote:
> > It is exactly this sort of antagonistic behavior that leads women to form
> > "female only" news groups.
> Eh?? This is a "female only" newsgroup? What a load of crap - I guess I'd better read the FAQ, or
> charter, or whatever...

I never said this was a female onlt newsgroups. I was merely stating that 
many times when this behavior has happened before, we get into 
discussions about whether men are welcome. I do not want this to be a 
"female only" newsgroup. I appreciate men's comments when they can do so 
in manner that doesn't put down anyone.

> > Once again I will reiterate the point that this is not a usual usenet group.
> > It is women in biology. I view it as kind of a "safe place" to talk about
> > what's on my mind.
> You can't get much safer than sitting at a terminal, typing ;-)
> Or are you talking about emotional safety? Politeness? Are you saying the standards of politeness
> should be different for men and women?

I am saying that there is a difference in the way that men and women tend 
to communicate (not all men, not all women) but a general difference. I 
enjoy being able to address things here and not have to defend myself 
(most of the time) for feeling a certain way or getting upset about a 
sexist remark.

> > This will be seriously jeopardized if the sort of
> > thing we have seen in this thread continues.  Gentlemen, please remember
> > that you are in "our" space when you post here and don't be shocked if
> > the normal everyday-science-culture-put-down-opponent conversational
> > style isn't well received. Many of us live in that world everyday and
> > feel very alien and struggle to aapt when we must. 
> And remember that many of us _don't_ feel alientated, know how to deal with a put-down (and dish
> 'em out!), and welcome the occasional verbal battle ;-)  

Well bully for you! I, for one, get enough of that during the day with the 
5 men I work with.

> > I don't think it is
> > too much to ask that you attempt to adapt when coming here!
> So everyone should attempt to become "feminine" here? That's gonna be a tough row for me to hoe.
> Just let me know if I'm no longer welcome 'cause I'm too "masculine"... 
Look that was not my point. I am just saying that as we are expected to 
adopt the communications norms of the male culture while in what untl 
quite recently has been their domain, it is not too much to ask that 
they give us the respect to speak to us in a non-condescending, 
thoughtful manner. This means not calling us hysterical and not getting 
all threatened when we express anger at a sexist remark.
> Susan Jane Hogarth (who rides a motorcycle and paints her nails - gotta prob with that?)
I have absolutely no problem with that. Jeesh

Who is not any sort of wimp but likes to let her hair down occasionally 
without being called names. Get over it!

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